Nick Fox Full List of Publications 2015

Alldred, P. and Fox, N.J. 
From ‘Lesbian and Gay Psychology’ to a Critical Psychology of Sexualities.
(2015) In: Parker, I. (ed.) Handbook of Critical Psychology. London: Routledge.

Alldred, P. and Fox, N.J.
The sexuality-assemblages of young men: a new materialist analysis.
(In press) Sexualities.

Fox, N.J.
Emotions, affects and the production of social life.

(In press) British Journal of Sociology.

Fox, N.J. and Alldred, P.
New materialist social inquiry: designs, methods and the research-assemblage.
(2014) International Journal of Social Research Methodology.

Fox, N.J. and Alldred, P.
The sexuality-assemblage: desire, affect, anti-humanism
(2013) Sociological Review, 61(4): 769-789

Fox, N.J.
Creativity, anti-humanism and the 'new sociology of art'.

(2013) Journal of Sociology. doi:10.1177/1440783313498947

Fox, N.J.
Flows of Affect in the Olympic Stadium.

(2013) Sociological Research Online, 18 (2): 2

Fox, N.J.
Creativity and health: an anti-humanist reflection.
(2013) Health. 17(5): 495–511

Fox N J.
The Body
(2012) Cambridge: Polity Press

Pirie Z M, Fox N J and Mathers N J.
Delivering shiatsu in a primary care setting: Benefits and challenges.
(2012) Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice, 18 (1):37-42.

Fox N J.
The ill-health assemblage: beyond the body-with-organs.
(2011) Health Sociology Review, 20 (4):356-368.

Fox N J.
Boundary objects, social meanings and the success of new technologies.
(2011) Sociology. 45 (1):70-85.

Fox N J and Ward K J.
What governs governance, and how does it evolve? Towards a dynamic sociology of governance.
(2008) British Journal of Sociology. 59 (3) 519-38.

Fox N J and Ward K J.
What are health identities and how may we study them?
(2008) Sociology of Health and Illness. 30 (7): 1007-1021.

Fox N J and Ward K J.
Pharma in the bedroom.... and the kitchen. The pharmaceuticalisation of daily life.

(2008) Sociology of Health and Illnes Monograph. 30 (6) 856-868.

Fox N J and Ward K J.
You are what you eat? Vegetarians, health and identity.
(2008) Social Science and Medicine. 66 (12) 2585-95.

Fox N J.
(2008) In Given L. (ed) Sage Encyclopaedia of Qualitative Research Methods. London: Sage. In Press.

Fox N J.
Leaving the Field.
(2008) In Given, L. (ed) Sage Encyclopaedia of Qualitative Research Methods. London: Sage.  In press.

Fox N J.
(2008) In Given, L.  (ed) Sage Encyclopaedia of Qualitative Research Methods. London: Sage.  In press.

Fox N J and Ward K J.
Health, Ethics and Environment: a Qualitative Study of Vegetarian Motivations.

(2008) Appetite, 50 (2-3), 422-429.

Fox N J, Ward K and O'Rourke A.
Changing social relationships.
(2006) Quality and Safety in Health Care. 15 (5): 384-384.

Fox N J.
Postmodern field relations in health and medicine.
(2006) In Hobbs D. (ed) Handbook of Fieldwork. London: Sage.

Fox N J and Ward K J.
Health Identities: From Expert Patient to Resisting
(2006) Health 10 (4):461-479.

Fox N J, Ward K J and O'Rourke A J.
A Sociology of Technology Governance for the Information Age: the Case of Pharmaceutical Consumption.
(2006) Sociology 50(2): 315-334.

Fox N J.
Cultures of Ageing in Thailand and Australia (What can an Ageing Body Do?)
(2005) Sociology 39 (3): 501-518.

Fox N J, Ward K J and O'Rourke A J.
Pro-anorexia, Weight-loss Drugs and the Internet:  Anti-Medical Resistance and the Subversion of Technology.
(2005) Sociology of Health and Illness 27 (7): 944-71.

Fox N J, Ward K J and O'Rourke A J.
The Birth of the E-Clinic. Continuity or Transformation in the UK Governance of Pharmaceutical Consumption?
(2005) Social Science & Medicine 61 (17) 1474-54.

Fox N J and Ward K J.
Global consumption and the challenge to pharmaceutical governance in the United Kingdom.
(2005) British Medical Journal 331`: 40-42.

Fox N J, Ward K J and O'Rourke A J.
The 'Expert Patient': Empowerment or Medical Dominance? The Case of Weight Loss and the Internet.
(2005) Social Science and Medicine, 60 (6): 1299-1309.

Bacigalupo R, Fox N J and Levy P.
Information Management in Health Visitors' Public Health and Community Development Activities.
(2005) Health Informatics Journal, 11(1):5-16

Fox N J.
Anaesthetist, the discourse on patient fitness and the organisation of surgery.
(2004) In Annandale E, Elsto M A and Prior L. (eds) Medical Work, Medical Knowledge and Health Care:  A Sociology of Health & Illness Reader.  Oxford: Blackwell.

Fox N J.
Practice-based evidence: towards collaborative and transgressive research.
(2003) Sociology 27:81-102.

Fox N J.
What a 'risky' body can do.  Why people's health choices are not all based in evidence.
(2002) Health Education Journal. 61: 166-79.

Fox N J.
Refracting health: Deleuze, Guattari and body/self.
(2002) Health. 6: 347-64.

Fox N J.
Use of the Internet by medical voluntary groups.
(2001) Social Science & Medicine. 52: 155-6.

O'Rourke A J and Fox N J.
Education for clinical governance: the Trent experience.
(2001) Clinical Governance, Health Care Risk Report (April 2001) 20-21.

O'Rourke A J and Fox N J.
A survey of education and training for clinical governance leads and Caldicott Guardians in primary care in Trent Region.
(2001) The Journal of Clinical Governance 9: 137-42.

Fox N J, O'Rourke A J, Roberts C and Walker J. 
Change management in primary care: design and evaluation of an internet-delivered course.

(2001) Medical Education 35: 803-805.

Fox N J. 
The ethics and politics of caring: postmodern reflections.

(2000) In S Williams, J Gabe and M Calnan (eds) Theorising Medicine. Health and Society. London: Routlege. pp107-24.

Fox N J.
collection by Observation.
(2000) In Wilson A, et al. (eds). Research Approaches in Primary Care.  Oxford: Radcliffe Medical Press.

Roberts C, Howe A, Winterburn S and Fox N J.
Not as easy as it sounds: a qualitative study of a shared learning project between medical and nursing undergraduate students.
(2000) Medical Teacher. 22: 386-91.

Fox N J, Mathers N and Hunn A.
(2000) In Mathers N. et al. (eds) Statistical Analysis in Primary Care. Oxford: Radcliffe Medical Press.

Mathers N, Fox N J and Hunn A.
How to use questionnaires and surveys.
(2000) In Wilson A, et al. (eds). Research Approaches in Primary Care. Oxford: Radcliffe Medical Press.

Mathers N, Fox N J and Hunn A.
How to use interviews in a research project.
(2000) Research Approaches in Primary Care.  Oxford: Radcliffe Medical Press.

Fox N J.
Beyond Health. Postmodernism and Embodiment. 
(1999) London: Free Association Books.

Fox N J.
Clinical Governance in Practice
(1999) Sandwich: Pfizer Ltd.

Fox N J.
Postmodern reflections: deconstructing risk, health and work.
(1999)In N Daykin and Doyal L. (eds) Work and Health. London: Macmillan.

Fox N J.
Postmodern reflections on risks, hazards and life choices.
(1999) In D Lupton (ed) Risk and Sociocultural Theory.  Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Fox N J.
"You can go home today, Mrs Jones".  Surgeons' and patients' negotiations over discharge. 
(1999) In M. Purdy and D. Banks (eds) Health and Exclusion. Collaborators and Victims in Health Care. London: Routledge.

Fox N J.
Os tempos dos cuidados de saude: poder, control e resistencia.

(1999) Sociologia 29:9-29 (translated into Portuguese by Paula Page).

Fox N J.
Power, control and resistance in the timing of health and care.

(1999) Social Science & Medicine. 48: 1307-19.

Fox N J, Dolman E, Lane P, O'Rourke A J and Roberts C.
The WISDOM project: training primary care professionals in health informatics in a collaborative 'virtual classroom'.
(1999) Medical Education.  33: 365-70.

Fox N J and Roberts C.
GPs in cyberspace: the sociology of a medical virtual community.
(1999) Sociological Review.  47:643.71.

Fox N J, Dolman E, Lane P, O'Rourke A J and Roberts C.
Preparing health care professionals for clinical governance: how can the Internet help in education and training?
(1999) Clinical Governance. 3:109-112.

Fox N J, Domlan E, Lane P, O'Rourke A J and Roberts C.
WISDOM: lessons from a virtual institute for the new NHS.
(1999) Health on the Internet. 8:3-4.

O'Rourke A J, Dolman E, Fox N J, Lane P and Roberts C.
The WISDOM Project: virtual education in primary care.
(1999) Health Libraries Review. 16 (2): 73-81.

Fox N J, Dolman E, Lane P, O'Rourke A J, and Roberts C.
WISDOM: A new way of learning in the new NHS.
(1999) Journal of Clinical Excellence. 1:93-6.

Fox N J.
Postmodernism and Health.
(1998) In A Petersen and C Waddell (eds) Health Matters. London: Allen and Unwin, pp 9-22.

Fox N J.
The contribution of children to informal care: a Delphi study.
Health and Social Care in the Community. 6(3): 10-14.

Fox N J.
Foucault, Foucauldians and sociology.

(1998) British Journal of Sociology. 49 (3): 415-33.

Fox N J and Roberts C.
General Practitioners and the Internet: modelling a 'virtual' learning community.
Family Practice. 15 (3): 211-15.

Hannay D and Fox N J.
A taught master's course in primary and community care from a department of general practice.
(1998) Education for General Practice. 9:337-44.

Fox N J.
'Risks', 'Hazards' and life choices: reflections on health at work.
(1998) Sociology 32 (4): 665-687.

Fox N J.
'Is there life after Foucault? Tests, frames and differends'.

(1997) In R Bunton and A Peterson (eds). Foucault. Health and Medicine. London: Routledge, pp 31-50.

Fox N J.
The promise of postmodernism for the sociology of health and medicine.
(1997) In G Scambler and P Higgs (eds). Modernity, Medicine and Health.  London: Routledge, ppp 29-45.

Fox N J.
Texts, frames and the decision over discharge from hospital.

(1997) Social Sciences in Health. 3 (1): 41-51.

Fox N J.
Space, sterility and surgery: circuits of hygiene in the operating theatre.

(1997) Social Science & Medicine. 45(5): 649-57.

Fox N J and Mathers N J.
Empowering research: statistical power in general practice research.
(1997) Family Practice. 14 (4): 324-9.

Fox N J.
Information Technology culture in medical education.
(1996) Journal of Computer-Assisted Learning. 12: 78-88.

Chan M, Clamp S E, de Dombal F T and Fox N J.
An information technology course in the medical curriculum.

(1996) Medical Education. 30: 112-20.

Fox N J and Rumney L.
A postgraduate course in primary and community care: impact on an academic department.

(1996) Medical Education, 30:303-6

Fox N J.
Professional models of school absence due at home responsibilities.

(1995) British Journal of Sociology of Education, 16:221-242.

Fox N J.
Intertexuality and the writing of research.

(1995) Electronic Journal of Sociology. 1(2):1-12

Fox N J.
Postmodern perspectives on care: the Vigil and the Gift.

(1995) Critical Social Policy. 15 (44045): 107-24.

Fox N J.
Anaesthetists, the discourse on patient fitness and the organisation of surgery.

(1994) Sociology of Health and Illness. 16(1)1-18.

Fox N J.
Fabricating suregery.

Social Studies of Science. 24:347-54.

Fox N J.
Self-directed approaches to multidisciplinary health studies.

(1994) Journal of Interprofessional Care. 8:247-254.

Fox N J.
Postmodernism, Sociology and Health.

(1993) Buckingham: Open University Press and Toronto: University of Toronto Press.

Middleton C, Bradley H, Fox N J, Gubbay J, Lee R, Lyons F, Miles S, Miller N, Reynolds K, Thomson S, and Webster F.
BSA Handbook on Teaching Sociology.

(1993) Durham: British Sociological Asociation.

Fox N J.
Self-assessment and evaluation.

(1993) In C Middleton et al (eds) BSA Handbook on Teaching Sociology.

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Discourse, organisation and the surgical ward round.

(1993) Sociology of Health & Illness. 15: 16-42.

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The Social Meaning of Surgery.

(1992) Buckingham: Open University Press.

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Sociology amongst the headlines.

(1992) Newtwork, 54:3.

Fox N J.
Post-structuralism and the sociology of health and illness.

(1992) Medical Sociology News, 18(1): 34-8.

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Family attachments and medical sociology, a valuable partnership for student learning.

(1991) Medical Education 25:155-159.

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Medical education and the GCSE generation, a transferable activity-skills programme in medical sociology.
(1991) Medical Teacher, 13: 185-192.

Fox N J.
Green Sociology.

(1991) Network. 50: 23-4.

Fox N J.
Postmodernism, rationality and the evaluation of health care.

(1991) Sociological Review. 39: 709-44.

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Sociology in the British medical curriculum, a survey.

(1989) Medical Education 23:152-60.

Fox N J.
Sociology and medical education, a health report.

(1989) Medical Sociology News. 14(3):11-16.

Fox N J.
Scientific theory choice and social structure, the case of Joseph Lister's antisepsis, humoral theory and asepsis.

(1988) History of Science xxvi:367-97