Vanessa Halliday Publications

Key Publications

Brown A, England R, St-John J, Taylor V, Manderson C, Halliday V & Wilcock A.
(2013) The liking and preferences of people with thoracic cancer for oral nutritional supplement drinks.
E-SPEN Journal, 8(2) e55-e58.

Halliday V, Porock D, Arthur A, Manderson C & Wilcock A.
(2012) Development and testing of a cancer appetite and symptom questionnaire.
Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics, 25(3), 217-224.

Halliday V, Kierczuk G, Madhusudan S, Parsons S & Wilcock A.
(2010) Screening for malnutrition: Implications for upper gastrointestinal cancer services.
Journal of Surgical ONcology, 102(5): 543-544.

Chauhan A, Siddall V, Wilcock A, Mallawathantri S, Baldwin D R & Johnson I D.
(2007) NICE guidance for screening for malnutrition: implications for lung cancer services.
Thorax, 62, 835.

Saxton J M, Daley A M, Woodroffe N, Coleman R. Powers H J, Mutrie N, Siddall V & Crank H. 
(2006) Study protocol to investigate the effect of a lifestyle intervention on body weight, psychological health status and risk factors associated with disease recurrence in women recovering from breast cancer treatment.
Biomed Central Cancer, 6(35).