Dr Susan Baxter PhD, MSc, MEd, BSc, FHEA


Section of Public Health 
School of Health and Related Research (ScHARR)
University of Sheffield
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ORCiD: 0000-0002-6034-5495


I joined the University of Sheffield in 1998 and worked firstly in the Department of Human Communication Sciences, then the Academic Unit of Child Health, before joining the School of Health and Related Research. I have a background as a NHS Speech and Language Therapist, practicing in the Sussex and Kent area with many different client groups. I managed a paediatric SLT service prior to moving to the University sector. I was involved in the education of SLT students, particularly the clinical practice components, before becoming a full-time researcher. I am currently a Senior Research Fellow in the Section of Public Health within ScHARR.

Research Interests

My research interests are predominantly within the field of applied policy research (investigating how healthcare policy is translated in practice). I am particularly in methods underpinning how evidence is synthesised and communicated to different audiences including the public. Having a background as a health professional I also have a particular interest in professional practice within healthcare policy, and communication systems underpinning health care service provision, especially inter-professional and inter-agency working and integrated care systems.

Evidence Synthesis

In the last few years I have carried out a large number of systematic reviews for funders including the National Institute of Health Research, The Joseph Rowntree Foundation, and the Health Foundation. I am interested in methodologies for reviewing complex interventions including the use of qualitative evidence synthesis, theoretical perspectives and logic modelling.

Inter-agency and integrated systems in healthcare

I have previously carried out a qualitative investigation of joint working in stroke service delivery, looking at inter-professional and team functioning. I am particularly interested in communication systems operating between staff, and the way in which information and knowledge is exchanged. I have also completed a comprehensive systematic review of integrated care models, looking at the evidence regarding effectiveness and factors influencing outcomes.

PhD supervision

My main interests are in the three areas of public health, health service delivery, and the communication and use of research evidence. I am particularly interested in studies using qualitative methodologies, or evidence synthesis, or mixed methods. I currently have three PhD students, and have supervised three previous PhD students to successful completion of their studies.

Current projects

Current projects include working on systematic reviews for the National Institute for Health Research within the two evidence synthesis centres (health services and delivery research, and public health), and a study in the School of Public Health Research examining community involvement in local decision-making.

Key publications

Baxter S, Johnson M, Chambers D, Sutton A, Goyder E, Booth A. (2019). Towards greater understanding of implementation during systematic reviews of complex healthcare interventions: The framework for implementation transferability applicability reporting (FITAR). BMC Medical Research Methodology. 19.

Baxter SK, Johnson M, Chambers D, Sutton A, Goyder E & Booth A (2018) Understanding new models of integrated care in developed countries: a systematic review. Health Services and Delivery Research, 6(29)

Baxter S, Johnson M, Chambers D, Sutton A, Goyder E & Booth A (2018) The effects of integrated care: a systematic review of UK and international evidence. BMC Health Serv Res, 18(1).

Baxter SK & McDermott CJ (2017) Decision-making and referral processes for patients with motor neurone disease: a qualitative study of GP experiences and evaluation of a new decision-support tool. BMC Health Services Research, 17.

Baxter S, Clowes M, Muir D, Baird W, Broadway-Parkinson A & Bennett C. (2016) Supporting public involvement in interview and other panels: a systematic review. Health Expectations.

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Fryer K, Baxter S & Brumfitt S (2016) The meaning of participation to stroke survivors: a qualitative study. International Journal of Therapy and Rehabilitation, 23(8), 356-362.

Baxter SK, Blank L, Woods HB, Payne N, Rimmer M & Goyder E (2014) Using logic model methods in systematic review synthesis: describing complex pathways in referral management interventions.. BMC Med Res Me

Additional Resources

What is the evidence on integrated care? Baxter S, Johnson M, Chambers D, Sutton A, Goyder E, Booth A.


What helps people to increase or maintain levels of physical activity around the time of retirement? Baxter S, Johnson M, Blank L, Buckley-Woods H, Payne N, Everson-Hock E, Mountain G, Goyder E.