Rapid Review Methods

1 day course:  Thursday, 18th June 2020


1 day course: Thursday, 18th June 2020


Start: 9:30 am

Finish: 5pm


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Rapid reviews are increasingly undertaken to meet the demands of decision makers, who need timely evidence to inform their decisions. Under such constraints the time required to undertake a traditional systematic review may be prohibitive. Limited budgets to fund systematic reviews, may also increase pressure to fund a rapid review.

What does the course deliver?

If the review is to be delivered in a shorter time frame or a smaller budget it may seem inevitable that it will no longer be able to remain transparent, rigorous, exhaustive and comprehensive. What are the implications of any shortcuts that might be taken? Can we measure the impact of such shortcuts? Which methods might be adopted when undertaking a rapid review? What do commissioners want? What is the balance between working smarter and short changing the commissioners? How do you create a team that can work together more efficiently within a shorter timescale? These questions will be explored through a detailed examination of tools that can be used and adapted to meet the particular needs of each rapid review.

Who will benefit from this course?

This short course is primarily for you if you are currently undertaking, or you anticipate embarking upon a rapid review. The aim of the day is to equip you with a greater insight into the range of rapid review methods that can be used for, and adapted to, your particular review. The purpose is to enable you to deliver methodologically rigorous reviews, that continue to meet the needs of decision makers. The short course may also be of value for you if you commission reviews, or use rapid reviews to inform evidence based practice. The course will facilitate you to assess the quality of rapid reviews, and help you to appraise rapid review proposals.

Course content

The course will consist of a mixture of presentations, group work, discussions and individual exercises.

Course Materials

Course Materials will be provided via a Delegate Course Website approximately 1 week prior to the course start date. Hard copies of exercises will be provided throughout the course as necessary. Hard copies of PowerPoint presentations will not be provided, but these can be printed by delegates before the start of the course via the Delegate Course Website.

Participants are asked to provide their own laptop for the duration of the course.


Fiona Campbell is the course leader for this 1 day short course.

Dr Andrew Booth