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Below is an alphabetical list of all current postgraduate research students and their lead supervisors in the School of Health and Related Research. Each person's name links through to their personal profile within their section's webpages.


Student name Lead Supervisor Title/topic Section Email address
Abdi, Sarah

Prof Luc de Witte

Prof Mark Hawley

Achieving sustainability in care systems: the potential of technology Health Services Research
Aber, Ahmed Prof Ravi Maheswaran Developing outcome measures for vascular patients to help inform vascular services reconfiguration in the UK Public Health
Abdul-Haq, Zakia Prof Michelle Holdsworth A proposal to determine the factors affecting uptake of subsidized school meals in primary schools – Southampton as a case study Public Health
Abubaker, Isa Dr L Narayanaswamy Impact evaluation of a Maternal and Child Health intervention programme in Northern Nigeria Public Health
Afferri, Anna

Dr Julie Balen

Prof Allan Pacey

Prof Emeritus Ian Cooke

The integration of infertility services into mainstream Reproductive Health Care programmes in low and middle income countries Public Health
Alasmari, Sarah

Dr Clare Relton

Dr Robert Akparibo

Breastfeeding support in Saudi Arabia

Public Health
Alenezi, Latifah Dr Liz Croot Exploring the use of cognitive strategies in supporting the management of chronic musculoskeletal pain. Health Services Research
Alessa, Tourkiah

Prof Luc de Witte

Prof Mark Hawley

Health Informatics: A Mobile Hypertension Management System for Patients in Saudi Arabia Health Services Research
Alghamdi, Hani

Dr Chris Burton

Dr Muhammad Saddiq

Effectiveness of Integrated People-Centered Health Services on Health Care Consumers in Saudi Arabia Public Health
Al Shamsi, Afara Dr Andrew Booth Incorporating knowledge management into healthcare: developing and implementing a novel clinical knowledge management system Health Economics and Decision Science
Al Shurafa, Narjis

Dr Richard Cooper

Dr Katy Cooper

New model of health care in Saudi Arabia: implement new pharmacy services in primary health care centres. Public Health
Almulhim, Abdullah

Prof Elizabeth Goyder

Dr Sam Caton

Effects of Health Coaching on Promoting Healthy Behaviours and Enhancing Selfmanagement for Diabetic Patients to Reduce HbAlc in Type 2 Diabetes in Saudi Arabia. Public Health
Almutairi, Fahad Prof Elizabeth Goyder High carbohydrate proportion diet as a potential risk factor for type 2 diabetes mellitus and obesity Public Health
Alrum, Beshayer

Prof Scott Weich

Dr Rachel O'Hara

Stress, Cultural Factors and Help-seeking Attitudes Among Emergency Responders in the United Arab Emirates Health Services Research
Alshaaili, Nuha

Dr Liz Croot

Dr Andrew Lee

Dr Sarah Drabble

The Rehabilitation Journey of a Child with Disability: Parental Acceptance and Resilience Health Services Research
Alsulamy, Nouf

Dr Andrew Lee

Dr Praveen Thokala

Shared decision making among diabetic patients and its impact on patient satisfaction Public Health
Alshreef, Abualbishr

Prof Simon Dixon

Mr Paul Tappenden

Dr Nicholas Latimer

Dr WS McKane

Development of a methodological framework to account for the impact of non-adherence on the cost-effectiveness of prescribed chronic medications Health Economics and Decision Science
Alyami, Rami

Prof Steven Julious

Miss Rebecca Simpson

Dr Phillip Oliver

An investigation of implementation method in primary care for school age children of asthma of published research result Design, Trials & Statistics
Atienzo, Erika Dr Eva Kaltenthaler Exploring methodologies for the synthesis of public policy recommendations: An application to the social prevention of violence among Mexican Youth Health Economics and Decision Science
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Bangar, Surinder

Prof Sue Mawson

Dr Andrew Booth

Mrs Jo Cooke

Improving how the impact of health research can be demonstrated Health Services Research
Bash, Kristin

Dr Vanessa Halliday

Prof Paul Norman

Prof Michelle Holdsworth

Exploring readiness and interventions for a diet lower in red and processed meat among lower socio-economic status populations in the UK Public Health
Bates, Sarah

Prof Alan  Brennan

Prof Paul Norman

Dr Penny Breeze

Public Health Economics and Decision Science Wellcome Trust
Bayley, Thomas

Prof Alan Brennan

Dr Sam Caton

Prof Paul Bissell

Public Health Economics and Decision Science Wellcome Trust
Bello, Charles

Professor Jeremy Dawson

Dr Julie Balen

Management Of Inter-Professional Conflicts In Nigeria Public Health System And Its Implications On Patient Safety Public Health
Boyd, Jennifer

Professor Robin Purshouse

Professor John Holmes

Public Health, Economics and Decision Science Wellcome Trust
Braham, Christy

Dr Liz Such

Prof Sarah Salway

Improving healthcare for migrant and minority ethnic populations: an exploration of the impact of Health Navigators Public Health

Briggs, Victoria Prof Mike Campbell Improving outcomes in peritoneal dialysis (PD): Identification and characterisation of factors influencing PD access outcomes Design, Trials & Statistics
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Carmona, Chris

Dr Susan Baxter

Dr Chris Carroll

Qualitative Evidence Synthesis in Health Technology Assessment Public Health
Cassetti, Viola

Dr Rebecca Palmer

Professor Luc de Witte

How do peer/lay health interventions help to reduce inequalities in community health promotion interventions based on the salutogenic approach? A qualitative evaluation. Public Health
Chang, Amy Wellcome Trust
Cosmopolis del Carpio, Caterina

Prof Aki Tsuchiya

Dr Johan Oldekop

Developing analytical tools to understand SDG Synergies and Tradeoffs Health Economics and Decision Science
Coster, Joanne Prof Jon Nicholl Developing and testing a data linkage method for ambulance service and NHS data and using it to assess patient outcomes. Health Services Research
Cosulich, Rami Public Health, Economics and Decision Science Wellcome Trust
Crede, Sarah Prof Sue Mason International migrants’ use of emergency and urgent care services in England Health Services Research
Crook, Nicola

Dr Rebecca Palmer

Dr Danny Hind

Professor Steven Julious

Evaluating the efficiency and acceptability of methods of delivering evidence based aphasia intervention (intensive language action therapy) to patients in the UK within the NHS: a pilot trial Health Services Research
Curley, Rachael Prof Stephen Walters Using Remote telemonitoring to detect early decline in lung function & streamline clinics in adults with cystic fibrosis Design, Trials & Statistics
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David, Genevieve

Prof Simon Dixon

Dr John Holmes

Public Health Economics and Decision Science Wellcome Trust
de Seze, Maelle Dr Julie Balen The Making of Health Policies and the Transnational Circulation of Biomedical Knowledge: the Case of Hepatitis B Virus in Senegal Public Health
Duro, Enass Prof Steven Julious Non-Inferiority Margin Setting from Indirect Comparisons Design, Trials & Statistics
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Edwards, Julia

Prof Steven Julious

Prof Stephen Walters

Re-assessing sample size calculations and futility in prospective clinical trials

Design, Trials & Statistics
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Field, Becky Prof Gail Mountain Psychosocial interventions for people living with mild to moderate dementia and their family carers: can readiness to engage be recognised? Health Services Research
Firth, Nick

Prof Alicia O'Cathain

Prof Michael Barkham

Dr Jaime Delgadillo

“The Bigger Picture” How can we make psychological therapy more helpful for people in more deprived areas? Health Services Research
Flight, Laura Prof Steven Julious Adaptive Design Clinical Trials and their Impact on the Economic Evaluation of Health Care Technologies Design, Trials & Statistics
Foster, Alexis

Prof Alicia O'Cathain

Prof John Brazier

Dr Janet Harris

Identifying the facilitators and barriers to implementing the routine use of outcome measures in third sector wellbeing organisations Health Services Research
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Gibbs, Naomi

Prof Petra Meier

Prof Simon Dixon

Mr Colin Angus

Modelling of minimum unit pricing in South Africa, incorporating a concern for equity Wellcome Trust
Girio-Fragkoulakis, Constantine

Prof Suzanne Mason

Dr Andrew Lee

Poor clinical outcomes in the National Health Service (NHS); is over-investigation to blame? Health Services Research
Grindell, Cheryl

Professor Alicia O'Cathain

Dr Elizabeth Croot

Exploring the role of co-design as a knowledge mobilisation strategy for musculoskeletal physiotherapy. Health Services Research
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Hampshaw, Susan Dr Andrew Booth A realist synthesis to identify and categorise contextual factors which may support the implementation of NICE Public Health guidance in a local authority setting Health Economics and Decision Science
Hao, Longdan

Professor Mark Hawley

Professor Rob Harrison

Digital Health Intervention in Health Services Research, ScHARR Centre for Assistive Technology and Connected Healthcare (CATCH) Health Services Research
Harrison, Madeleine

Dr Rebecca Palmer

Prof Cindy Cooper

Evaluating the implementation fidelity of self-managed computer therapy for aphasia post-stroke and exploring the factors associated with adherence Health Services Research
Harrop, Deborah Dr Emma Hock The relationship between the physical environment and quality of life in residential care homes in England: explored from the perspective of all users of this environment. Health Economics and Decision Science
Hayes, Kate Public Health, Economics and Decision Science Wellcome Trust
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Kar, Debasish

Professor Elizabeth Goyder

Dr Andrew Lee

Dr John Stevens

Developing a cost benefit model of incorporating smoking cessation intervention with diabetes prevention programme Public Health
Kearney, Colette

Dr Samantha Caton

DR Penny Breeze

Public Health, Economics and Decision Science Wellcome Trust
Kearns, Benjamin

Prof Matt Stevenson

Dr K Triantaphyllopoulos

Good practice guidance for the prediction of future outcomes in health technology assessment. Health Economics and Decision Science
Kowalski, Artur

Dr Richard Cooper

Professor Mark Strong

Public Health, Economics and Decision Science Wellcome Trust
Kuti, Oluwatosin Public Health, Economics and Decision Science Wellcome Trust
Kwon, Joonhyung

Tracey Young

Hazel Squires

Wellcome Trust
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Ledger, Belinda

Professor Elizabeth Goyder

Dr A D Wigfield

Exploring the potential to promote healthy ageing and reduce multimorbidity by enhancing social connections post-retirement. Public Health
Li, Liran

Mónica Hernández Alava

Julie Balen

Hannah Jordan

Study on policy effect of integration of urban and rural basic medical insurance in China Health Economics and Decision Science
Littler, Brenda

Prof Luc de Witte

Dr Christine Smith

Professor Paul Dimitri

Designing virtual reality games for chilefren with acquired brain injuries to use as rehabilitation too.. Health Services Research
Lister, Johanna

Dr Suzy Paisley

Prof Eva Kaltenthaler

Paul Tappenden

Identification of evidence for key parameters for decision analytic models to evaluate cost-effectiveness of health care technologies Health Economics and Decision Science
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Mackenzie, Kelly Professor Elizabeth Goyder Feasibility of a low-cost, co-produced complex intervention to reduce workplace sitting time in different workplace settings Public Health
Madrid Menendez, Andrea Dr Richard Cooper What are the values that shape the relationship between alternative/traditional medicine practitioners and their patients? Public Health
Mahdi, Sundus

Jim Chilcott

Nicola Buckland

Public Health, Economics and Decision Science Public Health

Mahon, Sinéad

Prof Alan Brennan

Dr Penny Breeze

Prof Ron Akehurst

A Global Revenue Framework for Value of Information Analyses

Health Economics and Decision Science

Mahrinho de Araujo, Artur Prof Steven Julious Investigating Statistical Issues in the design of trials in small population groups Design, Trials & Statistics
Markham, Steven

Dr Janet Harris

Dr Andrew Booth

An Investigation of Men’s Sheds: exploring effects on perceived health and well-being. Public Health
McNamara, Simon

Prof Aki Tsuchia

Dr John Holmes

Public Health, Economics and Decision Science Wellcome Trust
Messina, Fabrizio Dr John Stevens Bayesian Multivariate Network Meta-Analysis of Ordered Categorical Data Health Economics and Decision Science
Miles, Jamie

Prof Sue Mason

Dr Richard Jacques

Safety INdEx of Prehospital On-Scene Triage (SINEPOST) Health Services Research
Moore, Bruce

Dr Sarah Barnes

Professor David Robinson

The Social Construction of Sheltered Housing: Considering the Attitudes and Expectations of Older People Living in Social Rented ‘Retirement’ and Affordable ‘Extra Care’ Housing in England Public Health
Musto, Virginia Professor Petra Meier To what extent are decision-makers aware of the optimum cost-effective treatment for substance misusers of various needs within their jurisdiction? Public Health
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Nagumo, Walter-Rodney Dr Richard Cooper Assessment of Knowledge, Attitude and Practices of Adverse Drug Reaction Reporting Public Health

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Obasohan, Phillips

Professor Stephen Walters

Dr Richard Jacques

Blood Pressure Status and Health Related Quality of Life among Civil Workforce in Urban Centres of Niger State Nigeria: A Multilevel Structural Equation Analysis of the Relationship Design, Trials & Statistics
O'Keeffe, Colin Prof Sue Mason Examining Workforce Reform in Urgent and Emergency Care Settings - using the example of the Foundation Doctor and Emergency Care Practitioner. Health Services Research
Oyedeji, Ayodeji

Prof Scott Weich

Prof Richard Bentall

The influence of psychotherapy on quality of life of people living with chronic illness in Nigeria Health Services Research
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Powell, Lauren Prof Sue Mawson The use of technology to self-manage neuro disabilities across the lifespan Health Services Research
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Qian, Yirui

Professor Stephen Walters

Dr Richard Jacques

Laura Flight

Comparison of statistical methods for the analysis of patient-reported outcomes in Randomised Controlled Trials Design, Trials & Statistics
Qiu, Yingpeng

Dr Praveen Thokala

Dr Robert Marchand

Professor Simon Dixon

Priority Setting Process and Technical Supporting System for Developing Health Technologies Lists in China Health Economics and Decision Science

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Radford, Helen Dr Richard Cooper To explore the probable impact of terrorism on front-line healthcare workers' mental health following a major incident. Public Health
Rafia, Rachid

Dr Paul Tappenden

Dr Nicholas Latimer

Dr Mark Strong

Dr Jean Sanderson

A methodological framework to guide the development and use of economic evaluations of oncology treatments in informing decision-making Health Economics and Decision Science
Rand, Matthew

Prof Elizabeth Goyder

Professor Paul Norman

Developing, delivering, and evaluating the impact of, behaviour change interventions in community leisure centres. Public Health
Rojas Payacan, Ruben Aki Tsuchiya Balancing priorities: Identification, measurement and valuation of drivers for decision making in health care resource allocation. Health Economics and Decision Science
Roscoe, Suzie

Prof Petra Meier

Dr Lucy Gavens

How do commissioners of drug and alcohol treatment services assure recovery is achievable whilst facing continued disinvestment? The aim of the study is to identify the impact that disinvestment has had on commissioning. Public Health
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Saddiq, Habiba Dr Rachel O'Hara Obstetric 'Never Events' in a Nigerian Tertiary Hospital: Frequency, Types,Causes, Outcome and Victims’ Experiences Public Health
Saidi, Yekta Public Health, Economics and Decision Science Wellcome Trust
Schneider, Paul

Professor John Brazier

Professor Ben van Hout

Public Health, Economics and Decision Science Wellcome Trust
Olivia Sexton

Professor Petra Meier

Miss M F Oldham

Drinking events – what are the best ways to collect data on how people drink? Public Health
Silva Illanes, Nicolas

Aki Tsuchiya

Monica Hernandez Alava

Analysis of socio-economic inequalities in adult life expectancy in Chile. Wellcome Trust
Smith, Robert

Professor Elizabeth Goyder

Dr Chloe Thomas

Dr Hazel Squires

Public Health Economics and Decision Science Wellcome Trust
Spann, Alice

Professor Luc de Witte

Mark Hawley

Achieving sustainability in care systems: the potential of Technology Health Services Research

Stevely, Abigail

Professor Petra Meier

Dr John Holmes

Exploring the relationships between event-level characteristics of alcohol consumption and alcohol-related harm Pubic Health
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Tahsina, Tazeen

Professor Simon Dixon

Dr Chloe Thomas

Public Health, Economics and Decision Science Wellcome Trust
Thorley-Dickinson, Victoria

Dr Martin Wildman

Prof Jim Wild

Hyperpolarised gas MRI and lung health in cystic fibrosis Health Services Research
Timblin, Clare

Prof Liddy Goyder

Dr Emma Hock

Exploring the potential system-wide impact on health inequalities of programmes to promote recreational physical activity for children Public Health
Tuck, Chloe Public Health, Economics and Decision Science Wellcome Trust
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 Ullah, Ibby

Mark Hawley

Vitaveska Lanfranchi

The potential use of AI-Chatbots in General Practice Health Services Research
 Umar, Lawan  Graham Jones  Health Services Integration: A Mixed Method Study of Stakeholder Perceptions and Implementation in Nigeria Public Health
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van Buijsen, Mariette

Prof Luc de Witte

Prof Scott Weich

Building and evaluating a knowledge base for and with adults who are visually impaired and have psychiatric disorders Health Services Research
Vedio, Alicia Prof Elizabeth Goyder Factors affecting access to healthcare for Hepititus B in the Chinese community; a qualitative health practitioners' study using in-depth interviews Public Health
Vicario, Serena Prof Petra Meier Integrating health and social approaches to the treatment of alcohol use disorders (auds): a comparative prospective study in italian and english populations Public Health
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