Robert SmithRobert Smith 

PhD Candidate: Public Health Economics and Decision Science

Wellcome Trust PhD, ScHARR
University of Sheffield
Regent Court, 30 Regent Street
Sheffield, S1 4DA

West Court
Mappin Street
S1 4DP


I studied for my undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Economics and Applied Economics at the University of Nottingham. Upon completion of my MSc dissertation I worked for the professional services firm PricewaterhouseCoopers with several big multinational clients, after which I took up a position at the Nottingham Business School as part of a cross-disciplinary team conducting a health services research evaluation of the Prime Minister’s Challenge Fund schemes in the North Midlands. After completion of the project I worked briefly at Newcastle University, establishing a contingent valuation methodology for the valuation of both personal and public health initiatives for NHS England. I am currently a Wellcome Trust PhD Scholar in Public Health Economics and Decision Science, in year one of a four year interdisciplinary training scheme. My current research interests are aligned to the interaction between public health schemes in the community/primary care and demand for secondary care services.


Select Committee Reports.

Windrum, P., Guinery, J., Siebert, P., Brown, S., & Smith, R. (2015). Written evidence submitted by Centre for Health Innovation Leadership and Learning, Nottingham University Business School. London: Health Committee Primary Care Inquiry.

Conference Papers/Presentations:

Windrum, P., Smith, R., Guinery, R., Siebert, P., & McDonald, S. (2015). Lessons from the PM Challenge: Patient Preferences and Evidence-Based Policy Design. InnovHealth. Valencia.