Chu-Chang KuChu-Chang Ku, BS, Public Health; BA, Economics; MSc, Epidemiology

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Mappin Street
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Title of PhD Research

Health care seeking pathway as a link between tuberculosis and poverty: a hybrid model-based study.


I graduated from National Taiwan University with a double major in economics and public health. During my college years, I’ve been trained in statistics, epidemiology, economics, and programming. Two of the most important skills I have developed are Bayesian statistics and time-series analysis. I then applied these research skills in my master thesis, to evaluate the contact tracing policy for tuberculosis control in Taiwan. Before I started my PhD in Sheffield, I was a research assistant, working on national burden of disease project.

Research Interests

My research interests are mainly in agent-based models and mathematical models. I would like to explore infectious diseases, e.g. tuberculosis, and socioeconomic determinants associated with them. Besides, I am also interested in empirical methods about dynamic models.

Key publications

Pan, S. C., Ku, C. C., Kao, D., Ezzati, M., Fang, C. T., & Lin, H. H. (2015). Effect of diabetes on tuberculosis control in 13 countries with high tuberculosis: a modelling study. The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology, 3(5), 323-330.

Langley, I., Lin, H. H., Egwaga, S., Doulla, B., Ku, C. C., Murray, M., ... & Squire, S. B. (2014). Assessment of the patient, health system, and population effects of Xpert MTB/RIF and alternative diagnostics for tuberculosis in Tanzania: an integrated modelling approach. The Lancet Global Health, 2(10), e581-e591.


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