Giants of the Infinitesimal: Nanoscience comes to Rotherham

small molecular model held in pair of handsGiants of the Infinitesimal is a ground breaking exhibition about life at the nano scale which is running at Magna Science Adventure Centre until February 2013.

Dr Ash Cadby from the University of Sheffield’s Department of Physics and Astronomy and Dr Günter Möbus from Materials Science and Engineering have worked with other top nano-scientists from the Universities of Liverpool, Nottingham, and Glasgow to make this fascinating invisible world visible to visitors to the science centre in Rotherham.

In a unique collaboration these academics have also worked with renowned sculptors Tom Grimsey and Theo Kaccoufa to create large-scale versions of nano-particles which visitors can manipulate in the same way that scientists do in the laboratory.  It shows how this exciting new area of science will radically improve many fields, from computing, to energy, to waste reduction.

Art meets science in this fascinating revelation of the minutiae of nature, from a hands-on interactive display showing an enlarged version of the tiny chains of nano-particles, known as nano-wire (which are expected to make computing 1000 times faster than current machines), to models showing the constant movement of atoms, and the self assembly of atoms at the nano-scale.

Entry to this exhibition is free as part of a Magna entrance ticket.

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