Our Ambassadors

image of studentsOver the last 12 months the University of Sheffield Outreach team have worked with a fantastic team of student ambassadors and some of these ambassadors graduated this summer. They are now embarking on exciting careers or further study; below are just a few examples of the things they have achieved and the great things they are doing next.

Saheela Mohammed was awarded the 2017 Chancellor’s Medal at her graduation. This honour is given annually in recognition of a student’s outstanding contribution during their life at university. For Saheela, this was to the Faculty of Engineering, the University and the wider community of Sheffield.

As a Student Ambassador for the Department of Bioengineering, Saheela worked tirelessly to address the gender imbalance of engineering, raising the profile of the subject as a career choice for women and inspiring the next generation of female engineers.

During her time as a student, Saheela led a collaboration with the student societies’ Women in Engineering and Engineers without Borders to deliver 130 STEM outreach workshops to Year 8 students.

She also played an important role in promoting the children’s book, “Suzie and Ricky – The Crash Landing”, created by the Women in Engineering student society at the University of Sheffield. The book introduces children and their families to engineering and was distributed free of charge to hundreds of primary school children throughout South Yorkshire and the UK. The book was also the inspiration of the “Engineering Is…” campaign that launched in November 2016 at the Houses of Parliament.

On top of this, Saheela has also participated in several open days, primary and secondary school outreach programmes, mentoring schemes and STEM visits as an inspirational role model and advocate for women in engineering.

"To be the recipient of the prestigious Chancellor's Medal is a great honour and surprise,” said Saheela.

“Education is so important in making a positive impact and I have enjoyed being able to make my contribution through the STEM outreach initiatives offered at the University of Sheffield and hope to continue this in the future.
“Sheffield will always be a special place for me as I have met the most determined people during my time here, who want each other to succeed.

“Having worked extensively with the University’s Women in Engineering team, I am incredibly thankful for their support and guidance in providing workshops and networking opportunities to children and university students. There is a gender gap in engineering and I am proud to have played a part in addressing it."

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