Engaging Parents about Higher Education

Take a look at our newly developed webpages designed to give parents of pre-16 children more information about the world of Higher Education (HE).

We hope the information will encourage and support parents in discussions with their children about the option of going to university. The information will be especially useful where parents themselves have no experience of applying to or going to university.

We have also created a glossary of words often used by the University sector, to try and overcome some of the barriers caused by the language of Higher Education.

The webpages have been developed based on the results of focus groups involving Year 7 and Year 8 pupils along with their parents. We asked them what information would be useful at key stage 3 and developed the webpages based upon their feedback.

Contact information cards are available that can be sent to schools and given to parents of pre-16 pupils who might be interested in learning more about the prospect of University in the future.

Further information

For further information or contact cards for distribution, please email the Outreach team