Extra Curricular Opportunities

Sheffield Graduate Development Programme

The Graduate Develeopement Programme is intended to enable you to get the most out of your academic programme and the additional (extra curricular) opportunities available. It is a process which helps you to reflect upon your learning, performance and/or achievement both within your academic studies and through extra curricula activities, and toidentify what else you need to do to achieve your goals.

Opportunities to develop your skills are provided through course work in, for example, completing assignments, presentations, field trips or group working and in activities such as volunteering, work experience, being a student representative or taking part in clubs or societies.

We strongly advise you to make time to reflect on your progress and identify what else you need to do to achieve your goals. It will make you better equipped to achieve your full potential in your studies whilst also enhancing your employability as you will be better prepared to demonstrate your achievements and skills to potential employers.

There are normally two meetings per year for which the student needs to prepare paperwork in advance. Full information and all forms are available here.

Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR)

As employability becomes ever more a part of the fabric of the student experience, the tools for expressing the wider aspects of students' achievements grow in importance. HEAR is a formal, undergraduate university transcript which lists students' curricular and extra-curricular achievements, will be a key resource for helping employers and other third parties to appreciate the breadth of each individual's capabilities, in the face of an increasingly competitive environment. HEARs are being issued to all undergraduate students who commence study at Sheffield from September 2012 onwards.

Please visit the HEAR website for further information.

Global Opportunities in the Social Sciences (GLOSS)

GLOSS provides you with the opportunity to engage in global learning and take on challenges that help you understand your course in an international context. You could be actively engaging with international policy makers, stakeholders and partners, or get involved in international research undertaken within the Faculty of Social Sciences.
It comprises three strands:

  • The Global Leadership Initiative – providing undergraduate and taught postgraduate students opportunities to work as fully accredited policy analysts at major global summits;
  • The GLOSS Research Associate Scheme – offering undergraduate student’s international research experience in partnership with academic staff;
  • SIDshare – enabling all students to engage in a student-run social enterprise involved in international development

Find out more about GLOSS and how to apply for opportunities

Sheffield Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE)

SURE offers you a chance to become directly involved in the research activity of the University, take part in 'real life' research projects in subject areas that are of special interest, and experience what it's like to work in partnership with academic staff or collaboratively in a research group.

The scheme is open to students in their penultimate year of undergraduate study, although those on a 4 year course may apply in their 2nd or 3rd year.
Find out more about the SURE scheme

Sheffield Volunteering

Sheffield volunteering is run through the Sheffield Students Union and supports students who want to get involved with volunteering projects across the city. Volunteering projects come in all shapes and sizes to suit all time options and interests. Volunteering is a great way to build up your experience, skills and network of contacts whilst helping a good cause.

Find out more about volunteering opportunities