Undergraduate Careers 2016-2017 Session

If you are in your final-year in the 2016-2017 session, it's time to be thinking about careers (whether jobs or further education). This final year will go quickly, the major events and opportunities will happen before Christmas, and you'll be too busy later in the year, so GET THINKING NOW AND GET DOING NOW! Important things you can do are:

  • Get your CV in shape now. Think not just in terms of qualifications and experience, but also in terms of transferable skills that you have acquired simply by studying in the University. Print off copies so you can take them to Careers Fairs, etc. Remember that when you apply for specific jobs, don't just attach the all-purpose CV, but tweak it to make it more relevant to job that you're applying for.
  • Create a LinkedIn Profile, to create a digital presence in the careers market, and also to help develop your CV. Think before you include date of birth or home address, for instance, because you always have to protect your identity, but include education, qualifications and job experience. Join the "University of Sheffield Careers Network" on LinkedIn, too.
  • Take the advice offered by the Careers Service on how to write CVs, applications, etc. The Careers Service will run two three-week MOOCs (free "Massive Open Online Courses") this November,
    How to Succeed at: Writing Applications (including CVs)
    How to Succeed at: Interviews
    They each only take 3 hours/week, so why wouldn't you do at least the one! The Careers Service has loads of advice on CVs and also offers such services as personal CV reviews - highly recommended. It won't do any harm to show your CV to your personal tutor as well, because they may have ideas on such things as what your transferable ideas are, but remember that the Careers Service are the experts!
  • Arrange a meeting with the Careers Service via CareersConnect
  • Speak to your Personal Tutor or other appropriate staff about ideas, even if you have no idea yourself at the moment. That's what we're here for.
  • Make full use of the events and opportunities that the Careers Service offer you, including noting when and where Careers Fairs are, and make full use of CareerConnect. If you don't know what you want to do, still go to fairs or employer presentations: just speaking to someone, handing over your CV, asking a silly question, can lead you somewhere.
  • Consider the impact of your 'digital footprint' on social media such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, in case an employer you'd applied to searched for you (See the Careers Service for guidance) which, increasingly, they do. Would you employ yourself on the basis of your own social media posts and photographs? Don't wipe out your history, but consider self-censoring or hiding the less employable things you've posted! Similarly, now may be the time to consider changing your personal email address to something more responsible if it sounds flippant.

As the SEAS Careers Liaison, I'll regularly send around emails about East Asia careers-related opportunities and events, which I'll mark in the subject line as "SEAS CAREERS". Unlike last year, I will also copy these emails HERE. But also think of opportunities beyond just East Asia.

Nicolas Tranter (Careers liaison)