Here you will find answers to our most frequently asked questions.


Q. What is my registration number?

A. Your registration number is on your UCard, it's the nine digit number beginning with the year in which you started, for example, the number will begin with 19 if you started your degree in September 2019.

Q. How do I find out who my Personal Tutor is?

A. Students meet their Personal Tutors during Intro Week. You can also see who your Personal Tutor is by looking on your student record, accessible via MUSE.

Q. Can you remind me how to get my library pin?

A. The Library pin is the same as your UCard pin which can be obtained from Manage your account.


Q. How do I access my teaching timetable?

A. The class times for all of your modules will show on MyCalendar, available through MUSE. If your module has multiple groups, the times will show for all of the groups. You should make note of which group you have signed up for. All students are sent instructions on how to use MyCalendar at the beginning of the academic year.

Q. When do my seminars start?

A. All seminars start in week 1, unless otherwise stated in the module outline.

Q. When do my lectures start?

A. All lectures start in week 1, unless otherwise stated in the module outline.

Q. Does my course have a reading week?

A. Reading week in semester 1 will take place in week 7, unless otherwise stated in the module outline.

Due to the Easter vacation, not all modules have a reading week in semester 2. Please refer to the module outlines for details on reading weeks.


Q. I would like to change my degree, who should I speak to?

A. If you are thinking about changing your degree, you first need to speak to the Senior Tutor, and Student Welfare Lead Dr Jamie Coates

Q. What do I do if I want to change module?

A. Students are allowed to change modules during the first three weeks of semester, known as the add/drop period. All module change requests should be submitted using the online module add/drop form, available through MUSE. Please see the following site for more information: www.sheffield.ac.uk/ssid/forms/add-drop

Q. My module isn’t showing on MOLE, who should I contact.

A. Apart from level 1 students, all module choices should show on Blackboard (MOLE) once the modules are made live in September, one week before semester starts. If you change modules during the add/drop period, you might find there is a slight delay in getting access to your new module Blackboard (MOLE) site. If you don’t have access to a Blackboard (MOLE) site for a module you are registered for, please contact the module organiser.


Q. When will my essay results be available?

A. As soon as your essay results are available, you will be emailed or a notification will be sent to you via the Blackboard (MOLE) module site. The target is to make feedback available within 3 weeks of submission. If your tutor cannot make this target you will be provided with an explanation as to why this is not possible.

Q. When will my exam results be made available?

A. Dates for when examination results are published can be found here. If you have a Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR), your HEAR will be updated at the same time.

Q. Who do I speak to about getting an extension on my coursework deadline?

A. Extensions cannot be granted by Module Organisers. Any student who is unable for good reasons to submit assessed work on time should follow the Extenuating Circumstances procedure detailed here.

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