School Committees

The School of East Asian Studies has a number of committees which are responsible for all aspects of the activities of the School. Undergraduate representation is important and getting involved will enable you to join in discussions and decision making ranging across such topics as:

  • student feedback on the quality of teaching
  • inputs to the planning of curriculum changes
  • departmental/school services (e.g. hand-in arrangements, office opening times, study facilities, availability of personal tutors)
  • improving channels of communication with students

You may nominate yourself to become a student rep at the start of each academic year by completing this form

Teaching Committee

The committee acts to monitor degree programmes and module content, including the monitoring and assessment of module quality, for the School’s undergraduate and taught programmes. It has student representation at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

SEAS Student—Staff Committee

This committee considers all issues relevant to students’ programmes of study and life in the School. It has student representation at all levels of study in the School. 

Please see our dedicated Student-Staff Committee webpage for further information.

Ethics Committee

The Committee considers the ethical implications of all research projects within the School. Although its main focus is on staff and postgraduate research, all proposals by undergraduates for projects that make use of human participants (questionnaires, interviews, experiments) must be submitted in advance. SEAS contact: Dr Hiro Watanabe.