Student Representation at Faculty Level

All Faculties have a Learning and Teaching Committee which has a small number of places for student representatives. In addition to this, some Faculties have other committees on which students are represented. The Faculty Learning and Teaching Committee is made up of academic staff from all departments and discusses a range of issues relating to learning and teaching e.g. new University policies, changes to university regulations, new programme proposals, annual departmental reviews of Learning and Teaching. Being a student representative on a Faculty Committee is your chance to put forward the student view on issues relating to learning and teaching and this is always valued by committee members.

Faculties also have student committees which provide opportunities for students to put forward and discuss their views on issues at a faculty level. You can get involved in:

  • policy developments
  • student surveys
  • reviews of learning and teaching quality
  • design of new degree programmes and amendment of existing programmes
  • reflections on external reviews of the University This is rewarding work which will build your communications skills, offer you the opportunity for valuable networking and contribute to your personal development with skills to put on your CV.

For more information about the committees, please contact Dr Thomas McAuley.

Institution-wide opportunities

Student Panel Members for Periodic Review
The University reviews the learning and teaching in each department every 5-6 years. This activity is called Periodic Review. The Review is carried out by a panel made up of academic members of staff from other universities, academic member of staff from the University of Sheffield and students. Students act as full panel members and are paid for the work that they do.
Further details

The Students’ Union Council

Council is where student representatives come together to make decisions on behalf of the students they represent. It meets every two weeks during term time and considers all issues affecting students at Sheffield, be they about the Students' Union, the University or wider society. Council is the highest decision making body in the Students' Union. It sets the policy and direction of the Students' Union. It also has the responsibility to hold the full time Students' Union Officers to account. Council is made up of 62 students elected by the members, 46 of whom represent academic departments. Nominations for Student Councillors open on Monday of Week 1 and close on Friday of Week 2.  To contact your Student Councillor e-mail: