Staff Committees

Student-Staff Committee (SSC)

The purpose of the Committee is to provide a forum within which discussion can take place on academic and other matters of relevance to the undergraduate and taught postgraduate student body. These may include but are not limited to:

  • To review issues raised by students and/or staff relating to course content, design and delivery, assessment, timetabling, library, IT and other facilities, and tutoring/mentoring arrangements.
  • To consider the form and timing of student evaluation of courses together with the results from previous years and any necessary action arising from these.
  • To comment on proposals to amend or develop existing programmes of study.
  • To be involved in departmental quality assurance procedures.
  • To receive reports from and to report to the School’s Learning and Teaching Committee as appropriate.
  • You can contact your course representative if you wish to raise any issues with the Committee.

Student representative lists will become available in October

Student Feedback

The Student-Staff Committee is one of a number of ways in which feedback is sought from students.

Other methods include:

  • Module evaluation questionnaires (UG and PGT)
  • Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey (PGT only)
  • University Annual Student Satisfation Survey
  • National Student Survey (NSS), for final year students (UG only)

You can speak to your student representative or any member of academic or Professional Service Staff if you would like to raise any concerns about the quality of student experience within the School.

The role of an Academic Representative

Academic Representative (includes Course Rep/ Faculty Rep/ Department Rep and SSC Rep)

The purpose of an Academic Representative is to work alongside the University and Students' Union to improve the students' education for the better by representing what students on their course or in their department want. The role is for one academic year and requires a commitment of approximately 1 hour per week.

Responsibilities include:

  • Find out what students on a particular course or with a department think about their education experience.
  • Represent the views of these students to the University.
  • Attend student-centric meetings (such as, but not limited to, Student Staff Committees) to further represent the views of these students and report outcomes back to the SU.
  • Tell students what decisions were made.
  • Complete the Students’ Union’s training.
  • Work with the Student Voice department, other Reps and your Union Councillor to communicate any issues in your department, and any decisions made.
  • Raise awareness among students of issues affecting education.

Benefits include:

  • The unique opportunity to make change your department and faculty.
  • The chance to shape the education agenda at the Students’ Union.
  • An in depth understanding of how your department and how the University operates.
  • The chance to develop yourself via a full and extensive training programme and work alongside likeminded students and staff.
  • Counts towards your Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) and working towards your Sheffield Graduate Award.
  • In depth understanding of how the university works
  • The opportunity to get subsidised branded clothing (such as Academic Rep Hoodies) and discounts in particular Students’ Union outlets.

How to become a Student Representative

You may nominate yourself to become a student rep at the start of each academic year by completing this form