You are expected to be present for all of your on campus and online scheduled teaching activities, irrespective of whether or not these are compulsory or unrestricted modules. You are also expected to be present for all personal tutor meetings.

Failure to attend regularly could lead to being denied the credits assigned to particular modules, or being referred to the Faculty Student Review Committee, which has the power to exclude students from further study in the Faculty.

Absences and Illness

If you know in advance that you are going to miss a one-off class, you are expected to notify the module organiser. You can find a full list of staff email addresses here

Short-term illness and other circumstances leading to absence should be reported to the SEAS Welfare Team at to ensure that your Personal Tutor and Module Organisers are informed.

Acceptable reasons for absence to be authorised include:

  • Health problems;
  • Bereavement;
  • Serious personal difficulties.

Unacceptable reasons for being absent include:

  • Travel delays;
  • Attending family celebrations;
  • Paid employment;
  • Extra-curricular sports activities.

It is your responsibility to catch-up on any missed work due to your non-attendance.

Please see this page for information on Extenuating Circumstances

Student Attendance Monitoring (SAM)

The University Senate has agreed a unified University policy on attendance monitoring for all home and international students. This is to ensure equity of treatment across the whole student population and enable attendance monitoring to be an effective tool for identifying any problems at an early stage and offering students appropriate support. Departments are therefore required to monitor attendance and review engagement with the programme of study, for all home and international students.

Students who are deemed not to be engaged with their studies may be reported to Student Services, who may in turn take formal action such as invoking the progress of student regulations or informing the UK Border Agency if appropriate.

For information about semester dates visit this page