Health and Safety

Health and Safety Expectations for UG Students

Health and Safety is very important. All students and staff must comply with the University's Health and Safety Policy.

It is the duty of every person to take reasonable care for the health and safety of themselves and of all other persons who may be affected by his/her acts or omissions. There is also a legal duty to use safety equipment in a proper manner and not to abuse or misuse it.

Emergency Evacuation Procedures

Fire evacuation drills are held throughout the University during the third and fourth weeks of the first semester. Weekly fire alarm tests are performed in all University buildings at varying times depending on the building. On these occasions the bell rings for approximately 15-30 seconds and no action is required. Please note that regular fire alarm tests take place in all university buildings and the days and times are clearly signposted


On hearing a continuous alarm all occupants must: - Immediately evacuate the building in an orderly manner via the nearest available exit route - Not use the lift or return to a room to collect any belongings - Ensure that all doors are shut as a room is vacated - Proceed to the designated evacuation assembly point. DO NOT re-enter the building until the all clear is given.

Anyone discovering a fire must: - Call the University Emergency Control Centre by telephoning 0114 222 4444 or extension 4444 on a University internal telephone. Make sure that the exact location of the fire (or other emergency situation) is given. - Warn others by shouting "Fire". - Break the glass of the nearest fire alarm point (situated at various points around University buildings).

Accidents and Injuries

In the event of ian accident or injury where medical attention is required, a qualified First Aider/Appointed Person should be called to take charge of the situation and give appropriate treatment until the person receives medical help. The First Aiders for East Asian Studies are:

Name Location
Clea Carroll School of East Asian Studies Main Office
Professor Kate Taylor-Jones School of East Asian Studies Main Office

If a First Aider/Appointed Person is not available, contact the porter in the relevant building or Security Control Room on 0114 222 4085

In the event of an emergency, telephone 4444 on a University internal phone or 0114 222 4444 from a mobile or landline and give details clearly and concisely.

Reporting Accidents

All accidents or injuries occurring on University premises must be reported via the University’s online reporting system within 24 hours of occurrence. To report an accident, incident, dangerous occurrence or near miss please go to the following website:

Health and Safety Conduct

Safety signs and devices must be obeyed. Corridors and staircases must provide safe circulation and routes of escape in case of emergency. The use of such spaces as working or storage areas is not permitted. Doors marked "fire door - keep closed" must not be wedged or otherwise fastened in the open position.

Please observe the University's no smoking policy. Smoking is prohibited in all university buildings.

A zero tolerance of inappropriate behaviour is exercised within the University and any student who is deemed to have behaved in such a fashion may find themselves subject to disciplinary action.


Please do not leave personal possessions around. You should note that the University will accept no responsibility for damage to, or loss of, any personal property.

Health and Safety Contacts

If you have any concerns or queries regarding health and safety, please contact the School of East Asian Studies Departmental Safety Officer – Knowles, 0114 222 840

The Disability Liaison Officer for East Asian Studies is Dr Hannah Chang