Late Penalties

Work submitted late will be subject to the following penalties: 5% of the original total awarded on merit will be deducted for each full or part working day that the assignment is late, i.e. any day except weekends and Bank Holidays, whether term-time or vacation. For example, a piece awarded 50 on merit will lose 5% of 50, i.e. 2.5, for each working day that it is late, i.e. receiving 47.5 if one day late, 45 if two days late, etc. Such penalties may result in a 'fail' mark being returned for the assignment.

Work submitted late in the absence of special circumstances will be penalized at a rate of 5 % up until 5 working days after the submission date, and awarded a mark of zero thereafter.

Failure to make a seminar presentation, or to attend a test, in the absence of special circumstances will result in a mark of zero because of the difficulties inherent in re-arrangement.

Coursework for language modules which is handed in on a very regular basis (such as weekly) may be subject to an immediate zero being awarded if it is not submitted on the day specified.

For an essay awarded 60% on merit, late submission would affect the assignment mark as below:

Days late Final mark
1 57
2 54
3 51
4 48
5 45
6 0

Please note that this is University policy and cannot be varied, except in the case of documented mitigating circumstances.