Student Evaluations

SEAS attach great importance to constructive student opinion on the content and delivery of courses. Anonymous questionnaires are conducted in class in Weeks 10 to 12 of each semester. At the end of each academic year we ask for comments on your experience of each level as a whole; and at the end of your programme, we ask you to comment on the programme as a whole. It is important that we receive a good response rate to student evaluations, as your feedback is an essential part of helping us to maintain the quality of teaching and learning provision, and may benefit you and future students.

Significant issues raised in the questionnaires are discussed at Teaching Committee and Staff-Student Committee.

We will endeavour to provide you with feedback on the issues that students have raised through the evaluation process and how we are addressing these. Quality reviews of departments’ teaching and learning consistently demonstrate ways in which student feedback often does lead to changes being made to units and programmes.

University Annual Student Satisfaction Survey

All students are offered the opportunity to complete this survey towards the end of Semester 1. The University publishes the results on-line and uses these survey results, in addition to those at departmental level, to gauge how well departments are performing.