TPG Choosing and Changing Your Modules

Module Choice

Taught Postgraduate Students can choose their module choices online before arrival in Sheffield. If you chose less than 120 (180 including the dissertation project) then please collect a module choice form from the SEAS office and obtain the signature of the TPG Director or Katherine Gallagher.

Module Add/Drop

You may make changes to your module choices within the first three weeks of each semester using the on-line system. In line with university regulations, module changes made after the third week of the semester are only allowed in exceptional circumstances since it is not normally considered to be in students’ academic interests to make changes after this period.

In general it is best to change modules within the first week of semester, to ensure you miss as little teaching as possible.

Your online add/drop will need approving by the department who owns each module.

If there is any reason why your add/drop cannot be processed, a note will be added to your online account detailing why it has been rejected.

Once your student record has been updated, you will gain access to your new module's MOLE page. When you drop a module, you will not be automatically removed from the MOLE site.