Semester Dates

Autumn Semester

Intro Week 17 September - 22 September 2018
Weeks 1 - 6 24 September - 4 November 2018
Reading Week (Week 7) Check module outline as this   may vary between modules 5 November - 11 November 2018
Weeks 8 - 12 12 November - 16 December  2018                                                                 
Vacation  17 December 2018 - 13 January 2019     
Exam Period  14 January - 3 February 2019

Spring Semester

Weeks 1 - 9                                 4 February - 7 April 2019
Vacation  8 April - 28 April 2019
Weeks 10 - 12 29 April - 19 May 2019
Exam Period 20 May - 9 June 2019

Further information about future semester dates can be found here:

Examination Periods

Each semester ends with a university-wide examination period during which there is no teaching. All formal written examinations for SEAS modules are held within this three-week period; some
oral/aural exams for language module may be held during teaching time.

Examination timetables are organised by the University Examinations Office (not by the School), and are usually made available by week 11 of the semester. You must be available in Sheffield for the full examination period, as adjustments to the timetable cannot be made to suit individual arrangements.

Note also that some language modules hold tests during teaching weeks – typically in midsemester, or in week 12. Check module outlines for details.

Re-sit examinations for students who fail modules will take place in Sheffield in August. If you wish to take a re-sit in your home country you must apply in advance. Full details about re-sits are at:

Please note that facts, dates and events change. Every effort has been made to ensure that the details contained on these pages are correct as of the beginning of Semester One; if anything is unclear, or appears to be incorrect, please contact Dr Yu Chen