Marking of Assessed Work

The marking process takes several weeks and consequently final module grades will not be available immediately.

You will be notified after Semester 1 and 2 examination periods once provisional module marks become available, and you will be able to make an appointment with the TPG Director (Dr Jenny Coates) to discuss these if necessary. Please note that these marks will only be confirmed at the Board of Examiners’ meeting that will take place in November. You will be informed of all final decisions at the end of the month/beginning of December by the central administration. This will take the form of a digital transcript.

Feedback to Students on Assignments

Feedback is provided for all assessed work once it has been first-marked, and for all studies (non-language) work plus certain larger pieces completed in English for language modules, this is downloadable from Blackboard (MOLE) via Turnitin. In addition to writing comments and corrections, the first marker gives an indication of how well you have done in specific criteria; the overall mark awarded does not equate to the simple average of the marks for each category, because the sections may carry different weightings. For more information, you should talk to the first marker of the piece of work. Indications of the degree class mark within which the work is deemed to fall are not necessarily final, being subject to review by the External Examiner.

Examinations and Feedback

Students should note that the content and structure of both language and studies examination papers may change over time. Past examination papers may not, therefore, be relied upon as a revision guide for current modules. If you have any doubts about the content or structure of the examination, please contact the Module Organiser.

While it is impossible for staff members to provide individual feedback for examinations as a matter of course, there are scheduled opportunities for viewing marked examination scripts. These must be signed up for in advance. Please chack your emails for a Google sign-up form.

For further information on how to make the most of your feedback, please read the SEAS Feedback Guide.