Every taught postgraduate student who fails a module will be informed by the Examinations Officer by letter and e-mail approximately four weeks after the end of the relevant examination period. In the case of a Semester 1 module fail that involves issues of progression, particularly language modules, the student will be notified informally earlier by the module organiser so as to allow time for the student to choose a different Semester 2 module.

Students who fail a module or modules will normally be required to submit new coursework or to sit a further exam paper.

You may apply to re-sit modules which have outcomes of Fail (F), Not Completed (NC) or Not Assessed (NA). Re-sits take place during the August Supplementary Exam Period and must be applied for in advance on-line by the required deadline (usually the end of July). Alternatively you may resit in the appropriate exam period of the next academic year ie Autumn for Autumn modules and Spring for Spring modules.

The mark for failed modules (F or NC) is based on the re-sit assessment only. For example, although a module may originally be assessed with an essay and an examination, the re-sit will be an examination only. Please refer to the relevant module outline for details of re-sits.

Re-sit marks for NC and F modules are capped at 50%. Fees apply for these resits. For more information, please see:

The mark for Not Assessed modules (NA) is normally based on all assessment. For example, if a module is assessed with an essay AND an examination, you would normally be asked to complete both of these. Some assessment, such as presentations or small in-class tests, may be hard to re-schedule - in these cases, contact us for details of arrangements.

Marks for NA modules are not capped. There are no fees for taking these assessments in August.

Students are permitted to re-sit a failed module on one occasion only. Details of the form that the re-assessment takes will be given in module outlines.

If you have any questions about re-sits for SEAS modules, please contact the SEASExaminations Officer Dr Marjorie Dryburgh ( If you need to re-sit a module that is not a SEAS module, you must contact the relevant department for information.

When considering whether to re-sit, you should consider General Regulations for Higher Degrees, Postgraduate Diplomas and Postgraduate Certificates, 18-20  In particular, 19 stipulates:

  • The Examiners may in their discretion recommend that a candidate who is awarded not fewer than 165 credits be deemed to have passed the Examination for a Master's Degree, providing that the candidate obtained an average grade of not less than 50 and a grade or grades of not less than 40 in the elements of the programme of study in respect of which credits are not awarded, this calculation to include all units.

You may rest assured that the SEAS Examiners will award degrees in line with Regulations 18-20 apart from exceptional circumstances, such as evidence of the use of unfair means.