Degree Aims

Programmes of study offered by the School of East Asian Studies will:

  • provide sound training in the use of East Asian languages, both written and spoken (language based degrees only);
  • provide opportunities to study human activity in East Asia, including its political, economic and cultural aspects, in the past as well as in the present;
  • develop an ability critically to assess the theories and evidence offered in the literature;
  • develop the ability to formulate arguments, whether historical, literary, social, political or economic and provide appropriate evidence, including quantitative and/or visual evidence in support of them;
  • provide opportunities to complete under guidance a sustained piece of independent research and writing (Single Honours degrees, Chinese Studies with Japanese and Korean Studies with Japanese).

Level One Objectives

  • to acquire basic language skills (language based degrees only);
  • to gain introductory knowledge on one or more East Asian countries;
  • to develop the ability to analyse secondary literature and some primary sources in order to write cogently and critically about topics in the study of East Asia.

Year Abroad Objectives (Language based degrees only) 

  • to consolidate acquired language skills by means of intensive language tuition in East Asian countries.
  •  to develop intercultural experience and competency;
  • to explore further opportunities for the study of East Asia from a range of disciplinary perspectives.

Level Two Objectives

  • to develop further language skills (language based degrees only);
  • to develop oral or written presentation skills in course work;
  • to develop deeper understanding of one or more disciplinary approaches to the study of East Asian countries and broaden knowledge, for example, their histories, politics, economies, societies or cultures.

Level Three Objectives

  • to refine advanced language (language based degrees only) and other skills;
  • to extend specialised, theoretically-informed knowledge of East Asian countries and societies;
  • to extend skills in presenting course work using visual, digital or other methods;
  • to undertake, under guidance, an extensive piece of independent research and to write a dissertation based on that research (Single Honours degrees Chinese Studies with Japanese and Korean Studies with Japanese)