Degree Regulations

Degree Structure

The University of Sheffield operates a modular degree structure. In each academic year you are required to complete 120 credits. Most of SEAS undergraduate modules are 20- credit; there are a small number of 10-credit language modules. Most SEAS degrees last for four years and include a study year abroad; degrees which do not incorporate a year abroad last for three years. SEAS offers single honours degrees in Chinese, Korean, Japanese and East Asian Studies as well as a range of combined degrees. See the complete list of SEAS Degrees.

Japanese, Chinese and Korean undergraduate degrees (four years)

These combine intensive language learning modules with modules on various aspects of the relevant East Asian society, such as politics, business, media and history. The language component of these degrees accounts for 60 credits at levels one and two, and 40 credits at level three; they include a study year abroad.

East Asian Studies undergraduate degree (three years)

This involves the study of all three countries. You may study one or more East Asian language, but the language component is not mandatory. There is no year abroad, but there is a core fieldwork module which involves a visit to East Asia in level two.

Dual undergraduate degrees (three years and four years)

SEAS offers a range of dual degrees both within the School and in cooperation with other departments. Some of these duals are 'balanced' duals (degrees with 'and' in their title): here the two departments involved provide approximately equal amounts of teaching e.g. Japanese Studies and History. Other duals (degrees which have 'with' in their title) give more weight to the first-named subject e.g. Chinese Studies with German focuses mainly on the Chinese component. Some of these degrees include a study year abroad.

Degree Regulations

The regulations outline the requirements of your degree programme, and the structure of your course. You can find your degree regulations by using the Programme Regulations Finder.