Students who fail a module or modules will normally be required to submit new coursework or to sit a further exam paper.

You may apply to re-sit modules which have outcomes of Fail (F), Not Completed (NC) or Not Assessed (NA). Re-sits take place during the August Supplementary Exam Period and must be applied for in advance on-line by the required deadline (usually the end of July).

The mark for failed modules (F or NC) is based on the re-sit assessment only. For example, although a module may originally be assessed with an essay and an examination, the re-sit will be an examination only. Please refer to the relevant module outline for details of re-sits.

Re-sit marks for NC and F modules are capped at 40%. Fees apply for these resits. For more information, please see:

The mark for Not Assessed modules (NA) is normally based on all assessment. For example, if a module is assessed with an essay AND an examination, you would normally be asked to complete both of these. Some assessment, such as presentations or small in-class tests, may be hard to re-schedule - in these cases, contact us for details of arrangements.

Marks for NA modules are not capped. There are no fees for taking these assessments in August.

At Level 1, you may re-sit a failed module on two occasions only; at Level 2, you may resit a failed module on ONE occasion only.

Repeating a Year

If you fail your first year of study you may have the option to repeat the year. For more information, please see:

You may have the option to repeat and switch degrees. If you wish to do so, then you MUST complete a Change of Status Form BEFORE the re-sit registration deadline (usually the end of July). You should also consult with the Senior Tutor who will need to sign the form. If you choose to do this, all previous marks will be erased and only your new marks will be taken into consideration.

Under certain circumstances it may be possible to change to another degree. In some cases it may be possible to progress to the next level, in other cases you may need to repeat the level you have already taken. You must consult the Senior Tutor about this. For guidance on University procedures and advice please see the SSID information.