Much of your preparation for exams will be in the form of additional reading and note-taking as well as revision. Organisation is essential to success. Start your revision early and plan a timetable for revision periods over a course of weeks.

You may prefer to work by yourself, but there are advantages in getting together with your friends, helping each other, sharing ideas and giving each other confidence. Rest is also important. You will not work efficiently if you are tired. Leave time in your timetable for rest and relaxation.

Going over past exam papers may be useful, however, they should not be relied upon as the content and structure of exam papers may change over time.

When the Examinations Office publish the examination timetable, please bear in mind it is only a draft, and examinations can be moved. You should ensure that you check the final examination timetable in planning your revision. Information about when the timetable is made available can be found here.

General information regarding exams, including the University Examination Regulations can be found here.