Time Management

At University you are expected to take responsibility for your own studies and learning. Your lecturers and tutors will provide a framework for your study through lectures and seminars, but you will need to learn to make the most of the opportunities presented to you. An important part of this learning process is time management. Much of your time at university will be unsupervised and you will be confronted with essay deadlines and examination dates.

Many essay deadlines will be close together, so you must learn to manage your time effectively to meet these important dates. First make a note of all such dates in your diary and plan a timetable of private study for the coming semester. Weekly study plans are a good way of planning your time effectively and efficiently. Each week make a chart and first enter the times of your lectures, tutorials, language classes and seminars. Mark in any other commitments for that week. It is wise to phase the work needed for essays or seminar presentations into your study plan over a period of several weeks. Your essay deadlines may seem a long way away but it is important that you choose your titles early so that you can obtain the necessary books and other materials. Remember if you leave your essays to the last minute, books and computer availability will be at a premium immediately before the deadlines. You should aim to plan private study at times when you know you can study most effectively. You know which is the best time to study for you. Try, as far as possible, to devote your ‘best time’ to serious study on a daily basis.