British Association for Japanese Studies Conference 2018

A draft conference programme, with listings of all accepted panels and individual papers has been released. Below is a list of the conference streams. Abstracts for all panels and papers can be found on the BAJS website 

*Note that this is not the Conference schedule - this should be available in early July - but is provided to show the conference content and streams.

Conference Streams

Japan in the World

  • Calming Japan’s Security Crises: Continuity and Change in Japanese Security Crisis Management
  • Crisis and Continuity in the Mekong Basin: Intra-regional and Inter-regional Dynamism, Regional and Extra-Regional Conflict
  • Three Crises of Japanese Diplomacy: Three studies of Japanese foreign policy challenges in the cold war era
  • Individual Papers

Politics and Governance in Changing Japan

  • Major Effects of Minor Changes: the Decision-Making Process under the Second Abe Administration
  • Challenge, Change, and Tradition in an era of governance: the Transformation and Continuity in Politics and Policy in Japan, 1990–.
  • Individual Papers

Cultural Representations of Japan

  • The future of endangered traditional arts and crafts for housing and clothing
  • The Kimono and its Industry in 21st Century Japan – Tales of Crisis, Change, and Subcultural Appropriation
  • Images, Commodities, Embodied Women: Films Stars and the Spectacle of Japanse Modernity, 1926–1936
  • Critical Otherness: Narratives in/of crisis in modern Japanese fiction
  • Portrayals of Queerness in Popular culture and the potential and dangers of new queer visibility
  • Individual Papers

Connecting Japan to the Past, Present and Future

  • Reconfiguring Ruins in 20th Century Japan
  • Crisis, critique and creativity in the Japanese videogame industry
  • Japan Forum/Taylor and Francis Sponsored Roundtable: Human Waste in Order and Place
  • From Edo Castle to Imperial Palace: 150 Years of Power, Conflict, and Heritage
  • From Rubble to Protest: Japan’s Postwar in Literature and Film: Japan’s Postwar in Literature and Film

Interpretations of Japan's Modern History

  • Rethinking Political Crises in the First Decade of the Meiji Period
  • New Perspectives on the Economic and Business History of Occupied Japan
  • Japanese Education and the State Before 1945: Relations, Effects, and Legacies
  • Individual Papers

(Inter)cultural Flows between Japan and the World

  • Mahāyāna in Europe – Japanese Buddhists and their Contribution to Academic Knowledge on Buddhism in Nineteenth-Century Europe
  • Individual Papers

Representations of Crises

  • Photography and Crisis: Representation, Gender, Performance, and Environment in 20th Century Japan
  • Japanese Literati, Public Intellectuals, and the 3.11 Crisis: Arguments for Change or Confirmations of Continuity
  • Comprehending the 3.11 disasters: Ethnographic explorations into disaster recovery
  • Individual Papers

Family, Care and Diversity in Contemporary Japan

  • Changing Networks of Mutual Assistance and Emergent Forms of Care in Contemporary Japan
  • Gender perspective on disability in contemporary Japan
  • Permanently on the Verge of Change? Gender, Inequality, and Discrimination in the Japanese Workplace
  • Law, Gender and Family in Contemporary Japan
  • Queer Economies in Queer Spaces
  • Beyond the ‘Control Society’: Rethinking Power in Contemporary Japan
  • Individual Papers

Post-Growth Japan

  • Post-growth narratives in rural Japan
  • Art, Media and Technology: Reactions to and Depictions of Demographic Change in Japan
  • Generative Fictions: Representations of Pregnancy in Modern Japanese Literature and Manga
  • The Realms of Kisshoutennyo and Jurōjin: Socio-cultural and Technological Aspects of Japan’s Recent Past, Present and Future Demography
  • Making-Thinking in Multispecies of Japan: From Robots and Slime Mould to Architectural Bricolage and Bamboo Weaving
  • Individual Papers