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Strategic diplomacy in Asia

The latest edition of East Asia Forum Quarterly features a selection of essays on the changing international order in the region through the lens of strategic diplomacy, addressing new challenges in relation to US-China relations under Trump, the China-Japan relationship, ASEAN at 50 etc.

The Scholarly line-up includes our very own Katherine Morton, Professor of China’s International Relations, who’s essay explores China’s changing role in Global Governance.

Katherine MortonThe China Factor in Global Governance

“........One major challenge is shifting towards a genuinely global project inclusive of diverse experiences beyond the West. China is now playing an active role in this transformation, both in reforming existing institutions, and in sponsoring new rules, institutions and norms. While the Chinese approach is at odds with the liberal tendency to view democratic ideals as essential to the international order, it is important to recognise that, until recently, Chinese elites have been highly sceptical of a project that seeks to advance democratic rule.......”

Read Professor Morton's essay and the full publications here