Faculty prize for Outstanding Practice in Learning and Teaching for Sukyeon Cho

Sukyeon recieving her TESS Award

Sukyeon Cho, Korean Language Coordinator in the School of East Asian Studies has been awarded a Faculty of Social Sciences TESS Award for Outstanding Practice in Learning and Teaching 2017.

Sukyeon came to Sheffield in 2005 and, over the past 12 years, has revolutionised the way in which we teach Korean language in SEAS. She has led the way in moving our teaching practices away for traditional methods of grammar explanation, drills and translation exercises and towards a variety of dynamic communicative activities, including: discussions, games, role-playing simulations, songs, student presentations, research and reading projects, and online study of her own custom-made audio and video materials.

Since Mrs Cho began working with us, we have seen a dramatic increase in the number of students coming to us to study Korean, making Sheffield the largest undergraduate Korean Studies programme in the country. Sukyeon’s exemplary teaching practice and leadership has spearheaded the Korean language programme through this expansion.

About the Faculty Awards Scheme

The Faculty of Social Sciences aims to identify and promote outstanding practice in learning and teaching and celebrate Faculty staff members’ achievements in this area.

The Scheme rewards those who are inspirational or who demonstrate an exceptional contribution in the area of learning and teaching and/or supporting and enhancing the student learning experience.
As well as those who work directly with students, the Scheme welcomes nominations for colleagues who indirectly support students, for example, by designing and planning learning activities, creating learning materials, or through the strategic development of learning and teaching.

Mrs Cho will recieve her award at the TESS End of Year Celeberation Event on Tuesday 27th June