Korea Foundation Field Research Fellowship

Dr. Seung-young (SY) Kim was recently awarded the Korea Foundation Field Research Fellowship to conduct his research in South Korea for six months in 2017.

About the Fellowship
the Korea Foundation Fellowship for Field Research has been established to provide eminent Korean studies scholars and experts abroad in relevant fields with the opportunity to conduct onsite field research in Korea and access to resource materials.

Researchers of Korean studies or Korea-related areas in the field of humanities, social sciences, culture, and arts outside of Korea are eligible to receive this fellowship. The award includes round-trip airfare, traveller’s Insurance and living expenses in Korea.

SY KimDr Kim’s Research
Dr Kim will carry out his research about the diplomacy to secure neutrality and independence of Korea before the first Sino-Japanese War (1894-95) and the Russo-Japanese War (1904-5), while also examining the British and American plans to establish buffer zones in northern Korea during the early stage of the Korean War. He will be based at Yonsei University, and conduct research focusing on Korean responses during these crucial negotiations utilizing the research grant during the latter half of 2017. Through this research, he plans to show lessons in history and implications for diplomacy in Northeast Asia in the 21st century.