Foreign Graduate Employment in Japanese Companies – Implications for Japanese Studies Teaching & Research

Last month Dr Harald Conrad organised and presented at a 2-day conference in London to discuss Japanese company hiring practices and foreign graduate employability. The conference delegates, made up of academics, students and human resources managers from across Europe, agreed that Japanese Studies departments need to think more creatively about how teaching curricula can be improved to prepare Japanese Studies students for potential careers in Japanese companies. At the same time, Japanese employers will also need to improve their employment practices and be more sensitive to the needs of overseas graduates so that a recent trend of foreign graduate hiring in Japan can be successful in the long run.

The conference has been covered across a number of high profile news outlets, including Japan Today:

Harald ConradDr Conrad’s recent work focusses on a new and distinct trend in recruitment among large Japanese multinational enterprises (MNEs), namely the active hiring of foreign fresh university graduates into Japanese MNEs’ headquarters.

Two recent publications on this project are available for free download:

Overcoming the Ethnocentric Firm? - Foreign Fresh University Graduate Employment in Japan as a New International Human Resource Development Method (with Hendrik Meyer-Ohle), in: The International Journal of Human Resource Management

Brokers and the Organization of Recruitment of ‘Global Talent’ by Japanese Firms – A Migration Perspective (with Hendrik Meyer-Ohle), in: Social Science Japan Journal

Based on his research, Dr Conrad is holding feedback sessions with Japanese companies to consult them on their hiring efforts and potentially develop further co-investigative research. He has also used the insights from this project to consult and prepare our students better for a possible employment career in Japan. Over the next year, he will prepare two ‘best practices’ brochures. The brochure ‘Graduate Employability in the Japanese Studies Curriculum’ will be aimed at the Japanese Studies community worldwide and will discuss how departments can address employability in the studies and language curriculum. The brochure ‘Improving HR Practices for Foreign Graduate Employment’ will be aimed at Japanese employers with the aim to help them improve their employment practices around foreign graduate employment.

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