Dedicated Outstanding Thesis Mentor

Mark PendletonDr Mark Pendleton has been recognised as a Dedicated Outstanding Thesis Mentor for the third successive cycle.

Thesis mentors are trained and experienced early career researchers who volunteer to help students explore their situation, identify their strengths and resources, and navigate their own way forward with their thesis. Dr Pendleton has helped to mentor 3 research students through their PhD's and they all had this to say about his help.

"Mark was first and foremost a good listener and that's what I needed most. He has a welcoming, encouraging style but is not afraid to ask questions. He was led by my needs and not his experience which seems the right way round although knowing he has extensive experience was reassuring."

"My mentor has first and foremost listened to me. It has been a blessing simply to have somebody to talk to openly and confidentially about all of my concerns. This has been so important to me, as whilst family and friends are there to support me they do not fully appreciate and understand what I am going through. Mark has encouraged me immensely, inspired confidence in me, and reassured me that I am capable of finishing the PhD. This has been achieved by helping me set out very clear plans to my supervisors prior to supervision meetings, and demonstrating to me that writing is hard - but not to be scared of it. Prior to thesis mentoring I would put a lot of pressure on myself to write consistently well all day, everyday - this was an impossible task, and was very counter-productive. Now, I try to write as well as I can for shorter periods of time, allocating time slots at the most productive times of the day to write. Most of all, they have shown me that I am capable of finishing the thesis. Prior to thesis mentoring, I genuinely did not see the light at the end of the tunnel - I found it hard to believe that I could finish, and whilst I still have some way to go, for the first time I can imagine myself submitting. For that, I am hugely grateful."

Mark has been a brilliant thesis mentor. He has taken the time to really get to know the way I work and understand how he can help in our mentor-mentee relationship. He is a fantastic sounding board for ideas and has helped me reflect on my own practices and come up with solutions to my predicaments for myself."