SEAS welcomes new academic staff

Along with our new cohort of students starting this September we are really excited to welcome three new members of academic staff to our team. These new appointments will give us the opportunity to expand our expertise in East Asian politics, culture and media relations and allow us the opportunity to offer students a broader range of modules and topics to study.

Prof Katherine Morton
Chair in China’s International Relations

Prof. Morton is a specialist on China’s International Relations with a particular focus on transnational security, global governance, environment and climate change, and international norms.

Her research contributes to key debates on China’s re-emergence as a dominant power in the Asia region, and globally, situated at the nexus between Chinese Studies and International Relations. A central aim to her research is to assess both the domestic and international motivations behind China’s changing role in the world and the implications for foreign policy and the study of International Relations. A particular focus is upon Chinese responses to transnational security challenges such as environmental degradation, maritime security, food security, or internal conflicts that require new institutional mechanisms, forms of governance, and collective norms to regulate behaviour.

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Dr Kate Taylor-Jones
Senior lecturer in East Asian Studies

Dr Taylor-Jones research is highly interdisciplinary and draws on a variety of fields including film studies, history, gender and sexuality studies, media studies, visual culture and critical theory. Her research interests can broadly be defined as: the cinema of Imperial Japan and its legacy across East Asia; popular Culture and Imperialism in East Asia; representations of East Asian girlhood in film and media and the representation of prostitution and sex work in East Asian visual culture.

Along with conducting research, Dr Taylor-Jones will teach modules on East Asian Cinema and East Asian Popular Culture.

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Dr Malgorzata (Gosia) Jakimów
Lecturer in Chinese Studies

Dr Jakimow expertise lie in Chinese politics and International Relations, and her research focuses particularly on Chinese citizenship, civil society, NGOs, migrant workers, labour movements, public policy, political economy and China-EU relations.

Prior to her post in the School, Dr Jakimow worked for several organisations in China, including grassroots labour NGOs and the United Nations Volunteers agency. She has cooperated with Chinese and international NGOs and international organisations, such as UN and EU throughout her doctoral research.

Along with conducting research, Dr Jakimow will teach modules on Contemporary Chinese Politics, Chinses Culture and Society and Chinese Language

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