Senate Award for Collaborative Activities

The School of East Asian Studies is pleased to announce that Head of School, Prof Hugo Dobson, along with team members of the Global Leadership Initiative (GLI), has been awarded a Senate Award for Collaborative Activities.

The Senate Award
The University of Sheffield Senate Awards Scheme aims to encourage and promote good practice, and raise the status of teaching and learning as a scholarly and inspirational activity. The Scheme rewards those who are inspirational or who demonstrate an exceptional contribution in the area of learning and teaching and/or supporting and enhancing the student learning experience. Candidates for a Senate Award are nominated by colleagues who are members of staff at The University of Sheffield

Staff and students at the G7 SummitAbout the GLI, the awarding panel said:
This is an exciting interdisciplinary development that provides unique opportunities for students. It is genuinely innovative and articulates with both employability developments and engaged curricula. The team of academics at the heart of the project is of commendable stature and demonstrates the truly multi-disciplinary nature of the collaboration.

An outstanding collaboration - the GLI continues to offer exceptional opportunities for students and is the result of excellent teamwork. The team achieved a TESS award and have built on this work since then, through the extension of the programme and work with Global Policy.

An interdisciplinary collaboration that has delivered an outstanding opportunity and learning experience for undergraduate students to work with academics on a global stage - with multiple benefits and opportunities that can develop from here.

Congratulations to Hugo and the rest of the Global Leadership Initiative team.