Award for Outstanding Practice in Learning and Teaching

Students at the G7 summitProfessor Hugo Dobson, Head of the School of East Asian Studies, has recently been jointly awarded an Award for Outstanding Practice in Learning and Teaching by the Faculty of Social Sciences. The award scheme seeks to reward inspirational lecturers or those who demonstrate an exceptional contribution in the area of learning and teaching and/or support and enhance the student learning experience.

To this end, alongside Dr Hayley Stevenson and Dr Garrett Brown in the Department of Politics, as well as Dr Deborah Sporton and Sian Parkinson in the Department of Geography, Hugo helped develop the Global Leadership Initiative (GLI)

The Global Leadership Initiative (GLI), part of GLOSS - Global Learning Opportunities in the Social Sciences, offers high achieving students from the Faculty of Social Sciences (undergraduate and taught postgraduate) the opportunity to attend major international summits taking place this year. Accompanied by academic staff, small groups of 4-8 students will actively engage in these meetings, developing press and policy briefs facilitated by media and other forms of accreditation.

As part of the initiative, a team of four high-performing students in the Faculty of Social Sciences were selected through a competitive process to accompany Hugo and Garrett to the G7 summit in Germany in June 2015. The team from Sheffield received media accreditation and worked in the international media centre near the venue where the world’s leaders met. As the summit discussion unfolded, the staff and students produced and published blogs and analysis of the developments in real time in the online journal, Global Policy.

While in Germany, Hugo also attended Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo’s post-summit press conference and was also interviewed by the BBC about the outcomes of the summit appearing on the News at One.

The GLI is currently looking for expressions of interest across the Faculty of Social Sciences that would allow student analysts to attend future global summits.

Mihaela, one of the student analysts, produced a short video about the student experience at the G7 summit.