As one of our research students you will be is supervised by a supervisory team. The supervisory team is made up of your Primary Supervisor and your Second Supervisor. The Research Student Tutor offers additional support of a pastoral nature.

The Supervisory Team

Primary supervisors
Primary supervisors are responsible for the supervision of your thesis and for monitoring your progress towards the completion of the thesis.

Secondary Supervisors
Secondary supervisors are responsible for ensuring you complete all the required training and gain the training you need for your future career through the Doctoral Development Programme (DDP). Depending on the expertise of the second supervisor, s/he will be able to comment on your draft chapters and advise you more generally on your progress.

With your agreement, and that of your supervisors, the First Supervisor may advise you on your DDP

Research Student Tutor

In addition to your two named supervisors, you will have access to a Research Student Tutor (personal tutor) who is unconnected to the research project and who is available to provide advice and support on pastoral issues when required. The personal tutor forms part of a wider 'supervisory team', which may also include the PG Tutor (where this is not also the personal tutor), Head of Department, relevant PGR support staff, etc. These individuals are not expected to take part in your day-to-day supervision, but be available to provide advice and support in certain circumstances, or to deal with issues that have been referred to them.

Fieldwork and supervision

Many of our research students spend time researching and writing their dissertations in the East Asian region. We ensure supervision is maintained by electronic means, by mail and by regular meetings in line with the Faculty┬┤s quality control mechanisms. The specific format can be designed in terms of your own individual needs: some visits to the UK will be required; but it is just as likely that fieldwork in the region will mean that your supervisor will be able to meet you in East Asia.

Find a supervisor

The School is interested in applications from all students with an interest in East Asian Text and Culture, Movement(s), Economy and Development in East Asia and/or Power, Cooperation and Competition in East Asia. The list below is designed to give a sense of the particular areas of interest and expertise individuals within the School have. It is an overview only and is not exhaustive.

If you think that our research activities would fit well with your own interests then please contact us to discuss your options.

Academic Supervisor  Research/supervision interests
Dr Lily Chen China; Linguistics; Translation Studies; Media Studies
Dr Marjorie Dryburgh Sino-Japanese relations; Urban histories in north China; Negotiation of political identities
Dr Thomas McAuley Japan ; Literature ; Classical Japanese literature ; classical Japanese poetry ; mediaeval Japanese poetry ; poetics ; criticism ; Translation ; Classical Japanese Linguistics ; Japanese popular culture
Dr Mark Pendleton Modern and Contemporary Japanese Cultural and Social History (late 19th to 20th centuries); Japan in a transnational context; East Asian Cultural studies; Memory and Trauma; Gender and Sexuality
Dr Kate Taylor-Jones Film studies; The cinema of Imperial Japan; East Asian popular culture; Gender and sexuality studies; Visual culture; Media studies; Colonial and postcolonial studies
Dr Nicolas Tranter Comparative, contrastive and historical linguistics of East Asia, especially: Loanwords and loanword theory; Writing systems and logographic scripts
Academic Supervisor Research/supervision interests
Dr Markus Bell Transmigration and Northeast Asia, gender and migration, kinship, memory studies, borderlands, anthropology of food, identity and belonging, NGOs, the North Korean refugee crisis, the Japanese abduction issue.
Dr Yu Chen China; Urbanisation; Migration; Labour market development; Housing
Dr Harald Conrad Japan; Social policy; Industrial relations; Human resource management; The social structure of markets
Dr Peter Matanle Japan; Social and cultural geography of East Asian development; Demography and Environment; Sociology/Geography of Work and Employment
Dr Ziyi Wei Foreign direct investment; Internationalisation strategies of Chinese multinational enterprises; Inward foreign direct investment in China
Dr Mei Zhang China; Globalisation and rural-urban migration; Rural development and urbanisation in China
Dr Zhong Zhang Chinese corporate governance; Chinese (business) law; Chinese business and management; Law and finance in China; Law and economic development in China
Dr Lucy Xai Zhao Comparative syntax and language acquisition; Intercultural communications
Academic Supervisor Research/supervision interests
Prof Hugo Dobson Japan; International relations; Global governance; Politics
Prof Katherine Morton China; International relations; Chinese Foreign Policy; Security Studies; Diplomacy; Chinese Politics; Global Governance; Environment; Climate Change
Dr Hiro Watanabe Japanese/comparative political economy in East Asia; International relations in East Asia; Labour relations and social movements in Japan and South Korea; Japanese human resources management