What kinds of topics have our recent PhD students taken on? This page lists the research students who have graduated from the School of East Asian Studies in the past few years - and gives details of the work they undertook with us.

Name Date degree awarded Topic
Chengqian Guo 2018 Fit for purpose? A new approach to evaluating the suitability of textbooks for the Teaching of Chinese as a Foreign Language in the UK
Sharleen Estampador 2017 Soft Power and the Japanese Exchange and Teaching Programme
Bingyu Gao 2017 Japanese Conservatism and Foreign Policy: A Focus on Prime Ministers Nakasone Yasuhiro, Koizumi Junichiro and Abe Shinzo
Nicolas Garvizu 2017 Cool Japan: the relationship between the state and the cultural industries
Sylwia Kilford 2017 The People's Daily and China's Japan policy: a study of media discourse and China's foreign policy decision-making 1949-2005
Seongjo Kim 2017 Solidarity, labour and institution: the politics of health insurance reform in Japan and South Korea
Christopher Pope 2017 Bringing back 'Japan': Prime minister Abe's political rhetoric in critical perspective
Wei Qin 2017 Economic Social and Cultural Factors underlying the contemporary revival of the Chesuo Ritual in a Jiarong-Tibetan village
Oana Iancu 2016 The Impact of Civil Society Organizations on Foreign Policy in Japan. Case Study: the Policy toward North Korea.
Rongrong Lin 2015 The Promotion Mechanism of Political Elites in Reforming China
Ryan Hartley 2015 Japan and the Greater Mekong Sub-region: Hegemony in the Making or Hegemony Already Established?
Gunnella Thorgeirsdottir 2015 Childbearing in Japanese Society: Traditional Beliefs and Contemporary Practices
Aimee Richmond 2015 Transnational UK Reception of Contemporary Japanese Horror Film
Jill Dobson 2015 Self and the city: A modern woman's journey. Miyamoto Yuriko in the Soviet Union and Europe 1927 - 1930
Nele Friederike Glang 2014 Back channel diplomacy and the Sino-German relationship, 1939-1945
Luli van der Does-Ishikawa 2014 A socio-linguistic analysis of official japanese children's songbooks,1881-1945: Nurturing an imperial ideology through the manipulation of language
Thomas Bannister 2013 Heirs of Lei Feng or Re-Organised Independence? A study of individualisation in Chinese civil society volunteers
Mark Mcleister 2013 Negotiating Policy and Practise: A Micro-Level Analysis of Three-Self Churches in a Coastal Chinese City
Sven Matthiessen 2012 Going to the Philippines is like coming Home - Japanese pan-Asianism and the Philippines from the Meiji Era to the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere
Christopher Bond 2012 Foreign Direct Investment in the City of Qingdao: Experiences of Chinese Workers in Foreign-Invested Enterprises. 1996 to 2009
Paul O'Shea 2012 Playing the Sovereignty Game: Understanding Japan's Territorial Disputes
Kamila Szczepanska 2012 The Politics of War Memory in Japan 1990 - 2010: Progresive Civil Society Groups and Contestation of Memory of the Asia-Pacific War (1931 - 1945)
Ra Mason 2012 Japan's recalibration of risk: The framing of North Korea.
Paola Cavaliere 2012 Women's Identity Formation and Transformation in Contemporary Japan: A Gendered Approach to Faith-Based Volunteering
Piers Williamson 2011 Issues generated as a Discourse on the Recalibration of Risk Through Militarization: Internal Legitimacy External Threat Maintenance and the Burden of Bilateralism
Julian Manning 2011 Brazilians in Japan: Cultural Identity and the (Re)creation of Social Space
Kevin Cawley 2010 From Matteo Ricci to Tasan (Chong Yagyong): Deconstructing Christianity in a Neo-Confucian Context
Philip Shetler-Jones 2010 The Impact of Globalisation on the Concept of Japanese Security
Hiu-Chi Yeh 2010 Norms and their Implications for the Making of China's Foreign Aid Policy Since 1949: Case Studies of South-East Asia, Africa and Latin America
Kerstin Lehr 2009 Educational 'Success' in China? An Evaluation of Educational Policy in the People's Republic Since 1996
Scott Koga-Browes 2009 Reading News Images in Japan: Visual Semiosis in the Context of Television Representation
Florian Schneider 2009 Visual Political Communication in Popular Chinese Television Series
Hong Yu 2008 Regional Inequality in Guangdong Province
Kuniko Ishiguro 2008 Generating Equal Employment Opportunities: Work and Life of Female Managers in Japanese Companies
Raymond Yeap 2008 The Theory of Transition in China: The Thought of Liu Shaoqi
Seung-Hoon Shin 2008 State and Market in Korea: Host Country Barganing Power and FDI Policy