SEAS Full Staff Listing

This page lists current members of staff. Where available each name links through to a profile of the staff member.

Head of Department

Name Role/Subject Email Telephone/Room
DOBSON, Prof. Hugo Professor/Japanese Studies
(0114) 222 8437/B04
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Academic Staff

Name Role/Subject Email Telephone/Room
BELL, Dr Markus Lecturer in Korean and Japanese Studies (0114) 222 8336/A02
CHEN, Dr Lili Lecturer/Chinese Studies (0114) 222 8424/C04
CHEN, Dr Yu Lecturer/Chinese Studies (0114) 222 8427/B06
CONRAD, Dr Harald Senior Lecturer/Japanese Studies (0114) 222 8431/B07
DRYBURGH, Dr Marjorie Lecturer/Chinese Studies (0114) 222 8408/B10
JAKIMÓW, Dr Malgorzata (Gosia) Lecturer/ Chinese Studies
(0114) 222 8436/B02
MATANLE, Dr Peter Senior Lecturer/Japanese Studies (0114) 222 8407/B08
McAULEY, Dr Tom Lecturer/Japanese Studies (0114) 222 8413/C06
MORTON, Professor Katherine Professor/Chinese Studies (0114) 222 8418/ C07
PENDLETON, Dr Mark Lecturer/Japanese Studies (0114) 222 8440/C05
TAYLOR-JONES, Dr Kate Senior Lecturer/East Asian Studies (0114) 222 8406/C02
TRANTER, Dr Nicolas Lecturer/Japanese Studies (0114) 222 8433/B13
WATANABE, Dr Hiroaki Richard Lecturer/Japanese Studies (0114) 222 8337/C01
WEI, Dr Ziyi Lecturer/Chinese Studies (0114) 222 8435/B12
ZHANG, Dr Mei Lecturer/Chinese Studies (0114) 222 8421/C08
ZHANG, Dr Zhong Lecturer/Chinese Studies (0114) 222 8339/B09
ZHAO, Dr Lucy Senior Lecturer/Chinese Studies (0114) 222 8414/C03
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East Asian Languages Staff

Name Email Telephone Room
CHO, Mrs Sukyeon (0114) 222 8446 A11
HAN, Dr Yu (0114) 222 8409 9-A-06
KIM, Yeon-Jeong (0114) 222 8429 A09
KITTAKA, Ms Yuki (0114) 222 8449 9-A-04
LUMLEY, Dr Jo (0114) 222 8335 9-A-08
NAGAI, Ms Miyuki (0114) 222 8445 9-A-03
TAKAHASHI, Ms Motoko (0114) 222 8442 9-A-08
WHATELEY, Ms Chizu (0114) 222 8419 9-A-06
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Visiting Academic Staff

Name Role Email Telephone/Room
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Academic Support Staff

Name Role Email Telephone/Room
THORP, Lucy Departmental Manager (0114) 222 8401/A10
NICHOLSON, Michelle Operations Manager (0114) 222 8415/A-06a
COWOOD, Keighley Marketing Officer (0114) 222 8411/A-06a
HULL, Laura Learning and Teaching Team Leader (0114) 222 8428/A-06a
GALLAGHER, Katherine (Currently on secondment in Learning and Teaching Services until 1st August 2018) Learning and Teaching Team Leader (0114) 222 8423/A-06a
KNOWLES, Lisa Finance Officer (0114) 222 8402/A-06a
MASKREY, Angela Learning and Teaching and Operations Officer (0114) 222 8400/A-06a
TRANTER, Susie Learning and Teaching Officer (0114) 222 8403/A-06a
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Emeritus Professors

Name Subject Email Telephone
GRAYSON, Prof. James Professor/Korean Studies (0114) 222 8420/A12
HASEGAWA, Prof. Harukiyo Professor/Japanese Studies  
HOOPER, Prof. Beverley Professor/Chinese Studies
HOOK, Prof. Glenn Professor/Japanese Studies
WRIGHT, Prof. Tim Professor/Chinese Studies
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Library Staff

Name Role Email Telephone
HUGHES, Mrs Youn-Hi East Asian Studies Liaison Librarian (0114) 222 7334 (external); 27334 (internal)
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