Sukyeon Cho

Mrs Sukyeon Cho

Korean Language Tutor

BA (Korea Air & Correspondence University), MBA (Sogang University)

Contact details
Tel: 0114 222 8446
Room: A09


Sukyeon Cho joined the School of East Asian Studies in 2005 as a part-time language teaching fellow.
Mrs Cho taught Korean at University of Durham in 2006-2007. She took a full-time post of the Director of the Korean Language Programme in the University of Sheffield in 2008.
Mrs. Cho has been an active member of the Sheffield Korean Society. She was a Deputy-head of the Sheffield Korean School in 2003-2006 and a Head teacher in 2006-2008.

Mrs. Cho teaches on the following modules.

EAS101 (EAS6251) Korean Language I
EAS102 (EAS6261) Korean Language II
EAS201 (EAS687) Advanced Korean I
EAS202 (EAS688) Advanced Korean II
EAS301 (EAS685) Advanced Korean III
EAS302 (EAS686) Advanced Korean IV

My Teaching Philosophy

My dream as a child was either to be a writer or a teacher. I am very pleased to be a teacher in the prestigious Sheffield University and enjoy teaching and meeting students. I strongly believe that learning languages should be fun. Therefore I do varied activities in the classes where students could use the language in the simulated situations. I use a lot of games, songs as well as using my own video and audio materials. To help the students with their speaking Korean, I arrange language exchange programmes with the Korean people in Sheffield. I feel that if somebody is interested in culture, the motivation for learning the language would be boosted.

As an experienced translator and a language learner of several different languages myself, I feel that I am aware of the difficulties that students might face when they learn Korean. I endeavour to help students to ease the difficulties with their learning Korean.

Media Expertise

Mrs. Cho has been interviewed by MBC in Korea to be appeared in the documentary in 2011.

Translations published (English to Korean)

1994 To My Daughter by Jawaharlal Nehru. Seoul: Shinseo.

Translations Published (Korean to English)

2005 Southerners, Northerners (Namnyŏk saram pungnyŏk saram) by Lee Ho-Chul. Co-translated with Andrew Killick. Norwalk, CT: EastBridge.

2004 Cat School (Koyang-i Hakgyo) by Kim Jin-kyung. Co-translated with Andrew Killick. Paju-si, Kyunggi-do: Munhakdongne Children.

Awards and Honours

2004 -  Korea Times Modern Korean Literature Translation Prize.
1997 -  Daesan Foundation grant for translation of Korean literature.
1996 -  Korea Times Modern Korean Literature Translation Prize.