Current Research Students

At SEAS we have a thriving postgraduate research culture, and we encourage students to develop their interests and ambitions through pursuing a research degree. Research students can study a broad range of themes centred on the countries of East Asia and, in addition, we make sure that they quickly become integrated into the department's research teams. Below is a list of research students currently enrolled on our MPhil/PhD programmes.


Thesis Title
Avci, Yusuf State and Everyday Politics of Undocumented Immigrants: The Case of Undocumented Turkish Immigrants in Japan
Becke, Carolin National Identity, Popular Culture and the Role of National Dress in Contemporary Japanese Society
Chen, Wan-Fen The Relationship between Taiwan, Japan and China: Analysis under the models of strategic triangle
Chen, Xi Do Chinese people like shopping abroad? The reasons and their expectations
Dugue-Nevers, Audrey China & Soft Power
Durand, Stephanie Anne Being and Truth: The Somatic Ontologies of Dogen Kigen and Maurice Merleau-Ponty
Estampador, Sharleen Generating Soft Power Through Glocalization of Memory and the Everyday: The Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme
Fillipov, Dmitry Contemporary Japan-China-US trilateral Relations
Ge, Xiaomeng Acquisition of Chinese existential sentences by English-speaking learners
Guo, Chengqian Methodology for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language
Hauken, Kristian Examining the impact of prestige politics on Japanese foreign policy towards China
Hongsawadi, Laphapan The Impacts of Regional Integration on Product Market and Labour Market Focusing on ASEAN Economic Community and East Asia Free Trade Area: The Experience from the EU
Horn, Robert Internationalisation and Higher Education in Japan
Huang, Yuantao Comparative study of inclusive education in the UK and China: the development of inclusive education in Beijing and Zhengzhou
Kim, Hyeonjun A Cultural Analysis of the Late Modern Stage and National Populism: Focusing on the Cases of South Korea and the United Kingdom
Kneebone, Teng Hua The construction of Native Chinese teachers' professional identity in a British secondary school context
Kuusisto, Sini-Petriina Normalising HIV: Sexuality, Illness and Stigma in Contemporary South Korea
Kwon, Euy Suk Anglo-Korean Relations in the Era of the Korean Empire, 1897-1905
Li, QiuNan Colonial life in Manchukuo: A Study of Manchukuo and its legacy and memory
Liu, Xi Chinese Film and Chinese Tea Culture: How the image of tea is identified in films (1980s-2010s)
Li, Yang Regional Differences of Depopulation and their Varying Demands on Public Infrastructure in Japan
Luo, Songwei The Social Relationship between the UK and China after Brexit
Ma, Ka Mei Samantha Sino-Japanese Relations
Mai, Yilin Critical Discourse Analysis
McDonald, Darren New Approaches to Managing Workforce Diversity in Japanese Companies: Lessons from Work Team Dynamics in Start Up/Small-Sized Firms and Large Companies
Mingboupha, Nathalie Hyphenated Chinese in China: What motivates the second generation of overseas Chinese born in Western countries to return to China?
Morgan, Stephen Korean Re-unification and environmental peacebuilding
Park, Mi Sook How and why Hallyu (Korean Wave) spread in East Asia since the late of 1990s
Piha,j, Luca (Dorothy) Japan at a crossroad: normalization or pacifism? The Role of the Government and Society.
Suzuki, Minami Justification in Counterterrorism - Moral Justification in Political Process
Thomas-Parr, Georgia Feminine Phenomenon: The Impact and Appeal of Japanese Shojo Culture on British Female Adolescents
Vainio, Anna Un-pausing communities: Social construction of recovery and the future in post-disaster communities of Tohoku
Wakamastsu, Michinori Japan's Taiwan Policy amid the Rise of China
Wang, Jing Public Private Partnerships in recovery after 3.11 Great East Japan Earthquake
White, James Representations of Change: Gender in Japanese Beer Advertisements, 1970 - 2012
Wilde, Georgina Industrial Sector Reform/Performance-China/South Korea

Wright, Stuart

Educational Attainment and Employment in China
Yao, Jinxi Managing information asymmetries and achieving success of Japanese second-hand online platforms
Zhang, Jiaxin The Political Business Cycle in China
Zhang, Xiaochen The Corporate Social Responsibility of Chinese State-Owned Enterprises in China's Go Global Policy