Lei HeLei He
Contemporary China MA

Nationality: Chinese

Tell us what you like most about your course. What do you love about your subject?
Actually, I like the content most about my course; the reading materials that lecturers choose for us are really interesting. I particularly enjoy learning about the political economy of China, Chinese society and culture, and contemporary Chinese history such as China’s involvement in the Korean War.

What made you decide to come to the University of Sheffield to do this course? What inspired you to do it?

It was definitely the content of the course that made me come to Sheffield University. Before I came here, I also searched similar courses in other UK universities but decided to come to Sheffield University because I love the module options available here. The driving force for me choosing this course is that I really want to understand more about China, to know the reasons and answers to the problems that China is facing now.

What are you going to do next? Perhaps you’re thinking about further study or you could tell us about your career plans.
I want to be an English teacher for IELTS to help Chinese students who want to study abroad.

Can you tell us what it’s like working with the staff on research projects or your dissertation?
The staff are very nice. You can always get what you need when you ask for help.

What do you think about University facilities, such as the Information Commons?
IC is perfect, I love this place, open 24 hours and the whole year, which means you can always find a place to study whenever you want. Also, the facilities are very convenient, the Café opens late and there are silent rooms and group rooms you can choose for different needs.