Personal Safety

Out and About

  • Be alert and aware of your surroundings at all times
  • Look confident even if you do not feel it
  • Avoid talking on your mobile phone, listening to music or doing anything that means you might be distracted from what is going on around you
  • Let people know where you’re going and when to expect you
  • If threatened, run towards a popular or well lit area
  • Carry your bag close to your body
  • If someone grabs your bag, let it go – your safety is more important than your belongings
  • Keep your house keys in your pocket and avoid displaying attractive items, such as jewellery, mobile phones, laptops or personal stereos
  • Carry a personal attack alarm and make sure it is accessible
  • Avoid confrontation with unruly groups or drunks
  • Avoid eye contact in any situation where you feel uncomfortable or threatened
  • Never leave your bag, wallet or purse unattended
  • Report any theft or loss immediately to the police and University security


By foot

  • Don’t walk home alone after a night out. Where possible, try to get a taxi but if you have to, walk with a group of friends
  • Do not take short cuts or walk in isolated areas
  • Keep to well lit paths and driveways
  • Day or night, walk facing the traffic so that a vehicle can’t pull up behind you unnoticed

By car

  • Don't accept lifts from anyone you don't know and trust
  • Ensure you have enough fuel for the journey
  • Keep all car doors locked when driving
  • Never pick up hitch hikers
  • Keep valuables out of sight – don’t put your handbag/wallet on the passenger seat when driving
  • Park in well lit area or supervised car park

By bicycle

  • Always lock your bike to something solid using a D-shaped lock
  • Wear protective headwear and bright colours.
  • Use lights in poor visibility

By public transport

  • Use black cabs or book a taxi home in advance
  • Never get into an unlicensed minicab – no matter how long you’ve been waiting or how much you just want to get home, it is never worth the risk
  • Female students can use the women’s minibus which takes women from the Union to their homes for just £1.50 – for more information click here
  • Avoid using quiet or lonely bus or tram stops
  • Sit as close to the bus driver or tram conductor as possible