19 June 2018

Our Safe Sheffield initiative

This month the University launched its #BeDrugAware campaign, which aims to raise student awareness of the dangers presented by recreational drug use.

#BeDrugAware follows on from the award-winning Thieves Inc. and is the third production in the Student Communications Team’s ongoing student safety campaign, Safe Sheffield. This campaign is run in partnership with Sheffield Hallam University and South Yorkshire Police as well as the Security Services team and Students’ Union.



Drug dealers don’t care about your health, they only care about making a profit. This means that drugs may be cut with unpleasant substances to add extra bulk, or to make them cheaper to produce.


If you’ve gone from taking drugs occasionally on a night out to using them more regularly in your daily life, it may mean that you are developing a drug problem – without even realising it.


Bloodshot eyes? Abrupt weight changes? Becoming withdrawn and isolated? Sudden mood swings or angry outbursts? An unexplained change in habits or personality? No longer engaging in hobbies or university?

Contact us

In case of emergency call: +44 114 222 4444

In non-emergencies: +44 114 222 4085

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