SmartWaterGood news and a great leap forward in the battle against thefts from students and for burglary reduction in Sheffield. SmartWater have decided to create an independent shop for students.

What is SmartWater?

Students are more than twice as likely to be burgled compared to the average home. Items such as mobile phones, laptops, gaming consoles and bicycles are regular targets for thieves.

SmartWater is a forensic liquid that assigns your valuables with their own unique forensic code, allowing them to be traced back to you.   The police regularly check for SmartWater and actively raise awareness of it therefore SmartWater is known throughout the criminal fraternity and research has shown that statistically criminals will avoid attacking property that bares the SmartWater logo and will not risk challenging the 100% conviction rate. By displaying SmartWater deterrent stickers on your windows and doors you are sending out a powerful warning to any would-be thieves.

 Research has also shown that 74% of thieves are deterred from committing a burglary where SmartWater warning signs are displayed.

  • Each bottle of SmartWater contains a unique forensic ‘code’, which links property to an address.
  • It is simple to apply, cannot be easily seen by the naked eye and is almost impossible to remove.
  • It glows under ultraviolet light – allowing police to take a sample to identify the true owner of the property and whether it has been stolen.

 This year we have seen an increase in student Burglary in private sector multi-occupancy housing along with a increase in bicycle thefts.

Using SmartWater there is a very high chance that the items marked will be recovered by the Police.

Why does it deter criminals?

SmartWater provides proof of ownership and has been used to secure over 1,000 convictions – SmartWater maintains 100% conviction rate when used as evidence in court. For this reason, criminals fear the SmartWater brand and often abandon their plans when they see a SmartWater warning label.

Donal MacIntyre has been brought in to head a new SmartWater campaign to show the how efficient SmartWater is and the importance of marking your belongings.

Watch the Donal MacIntyre advert here

SmartWater have made it easier for students to purchase the kits from there new independent online student shop.

Student Kit (marks approx: 20-30 items) & SmartWater University
Membership, Packs cost £20 (including delivery) Save over £39 on RRP

In the pack:
1 x Student Coding Solution
2 x Window Deterrent Labels
12 x Property Stickers
1 x Bicycle Sticker
1 x Application Guidelines 

Please feel free to view the new shop at the Studentshop