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About the Science Graduate School

The Science Graduate School is your portal to a PhD in science at the University of Sheffield. The seven science departments we work with span the classical science subjects of biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics and psychology. We are dedicated, through our research, to understanding ourselves, our world and its place in the universe. At the same time, we are training a new generation of experts to find solutions to the problems that science can solve.

Through this website, you can find PhD and funding opportunities across the University of Sheffield's seven science departments. There is also information on how to apply for your PhD once you have found a project and funding.

PhD opportunities

Funding your PhD

How to apply

Each science department has its own website where you can learn more about their research and training. You will also be able to find details of PhD opportunities and funding options that are available in each department.

Animal and Plant Sciences

Deepening human understanding of organisms and ecosystems to build a sustainable future.

Biomedical Science

Leading acclaimed research to develop knowledge of medical conditions and improve treatments.


Inspiring young scientists and Nobel Prize winners with groundbreaking research and innovative teaching.

Mathematics and Statistics

Exploring the length and breadth of pure and applied mathematics and statistics.

Molecular Biology and Biotechnology

Studying life at the molecular level, finding new approaches in biology and training a new generation of highly skilled scientists.

Physics and Astronomy

Exploring the fundamental laws of the universe and developing pioneering technologies to tackle global challenges.


Investigating and understanding human behaviour and society, to satisfy the human urge to understand why.