Questions? Need Cancer Information?

Patients who are being treated for cancer may have lots of questions. Unfortunately, Sheffield Cancer Research does not have the resources to answer questions, but there are some good links to reliable advice on cancer:

'Cancer Help' from Cancer Research UK


Cancer Information from Yorkshire Cancer Research

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Cancer Information from We are Macmillan Cancer Support

We are Macmillan Cancer Support

The best place to get information about YOUR cancer is from YOUR doctor or YOUR nurse

More Information on Cancer Clinical Trials

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  • NTCRN has a website that lists all the clinical trials that are taking place in Sheffield and the North Trent Area
  • UK Clinical Research Collaboration has two booklets on what to expect when taking part in clinical trials
  • CR-UK's 'Find a Trial Search' can show you what trials are happening
  • The National Cancer Research Network has a database of Clinical Trials