Taking part in researchCancer Clinical Trials Centre

  • If you are undergoing diagnostic investigations or are being treated for cancer you may be able to help future patients by taking part in research. 
  • The Clinicians and Researchers at the Sheffield Cancer Research are always looking for patients to take part in research, why not ask your doctor about these opportunities at your next appointment. 
  • Please understand that not everybody is able to take part in a clinical trial.

The types of research taking place in the Sheffield Cancer Research are:

Clinical Trials

  • Clinical trials are currently recruiting in Sheffield, Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham and Chesterfield.  Further information can be found from the North Trent Cancer Research Network.  
  • Clinical Trials for Children with Cancer in Sheffield are organised at Sheffield Children's Hospital.
  • CR-UK's Find a Trial Search can show you what trials are going in other areas.
  • The National Cancer Research Network has a database of lots of Clinical Trials.
  • The UK Clinical Trials Gateway has a Clinical Trial Search Facility.